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Hair Loss

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I too, lost my hair to chemo. This was the hardest part of my lung cancer experience so far. I have had chemo and radiation and they were nothing compared to the trauma of loosing my hair (I guess because it was so visible, I was less able to endure the loss). Also, I was lucky as far as the chemo and radiation went because I was able to go to work throughout the whole time. I did get a wig and I am still using it since the hair that is growing back is still very, very short. I started chemo in Sept. of this past year and my hair started to grow back even BEFORE the chemo stopped! I started to grow (peach fuzz) in January and it is now getting thicker and darker. Good luck to you. Keep praying and the treatments will soon be over and your hair will start growing back.

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THank you for your reponse to my e-mail.
I was not able to go back to work with even a turbin or scarf since I was layed off from my job in October and was in the process of finding a new one when I got the news in Janaury that I had lung cancer. THey have shrunk to tumor down to 3.5 from 8 centimeters which is a tremendous blessing for me. I am wearing turbins and scarves mostly. I am almost done with this set of chemo and am in store for another 4 part series of chemos 5 hours each. If it will get my tumor down to next to nothing I will go for it even though I will look like a que ball with no eyebrows or eyelashes.
But Thank God I am still living
Take care and please keep in touch - it helps so much

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Thank you for responding to my message. I am going to get my hair buzzed Monday by a lady that used to cut my hair and didn't know it but works for the Look Good Feel Good part of the Cancer Society. I need a way to gauge how my hair is coming back. I was layed off from my job in October so I think I will just get my chemo treatments done, get my hair back and hopefully get a job. I am getting 4 5-hour chemo treatments plus another 4 treatments when I am done on May 28. The worst part is the week I actually have chemo because of no energy or appetite.
Thank you for being such a good friend to me.

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