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New at the site

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Hi everybody. I've been reading this site for a couple of weeks and I thought maybe I should finally join in. I'm 37 years old with 2 kids, I was dx'd in Nov. 2001, lumpectomy in December, started chemo in Jan. I had 2 positive lymph nodes, finished 4 rounds of AC, and 1 of 4 rounds of Taxol. That will be followed by radiation beginning in June.

I've managed to stay pretty active during the treatments. I'm still playing tennis, walking and riding my bike. The AC was hard on my digestive system, and the Taxol made my achy for about 2 days. Also more tired than normal, but I've found it's much better for me to be busy and active, especially since I'm not working right now. I'd love to talk to anyone else out there going through this.

Best of wishes to all of you!

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Hi Lisa,
Welcome to this site. It sounds like you are doing great. I was in my lazyboy for days after I had my treatments. I think everyone is different.I am alomst a year and a half out of treatment.I know there are others on here that are in treatment now and they will be be a great help to you. I just wanted to say hi and let you know we are all here for you. Take Care
God Bless

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Hi Lisa,
I was diagnosed Sept 2001 at 37. I also have two kids. (ages 4 and 6) I did not go thru chemo, I had a total of six surgeries. Keeping active and staying on a regular exercise schedule has helped me tremendously. Both mentally and physically. Now that the worst is over, I have never felt better in my life. sounds like you are doing the right things for your body. Stay active!! Good luck with your treatments. You are in my prayers.

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I am also 37 and dxed in sept.2001 with stage 2 BC. I have 4 kids, and I have completed 6 rounds of ac and rads and now I am doing taxol. I would love to chat anytime. Again welcome this is a wonderful place!!

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Hi Lisa, and welcome to the group! I had a lumpectomy in September, and 33 rad treatments, which ended Nov. 16th. I'm 43 and have no children of my own, but I have 2 grown step-children, and 3 step-grandsons. I am really amazed you are staying that active through chemo....you deserve a big round of applause!!! I know mladies in my local support group who are down in bed for 3 - 4 days with taxol. Keep that positive attitude going....I think it helps you heal faster. Keep us posted as to how you are doing. E-mail any time if you need to chat. God bless...Cyndi

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Hello Lisa, wanted to welcome you to this site. It has been a very helpful site for me during my treatments and now with my first phrase of reconstruction a week ago. The women here are wonderful and can help you through it all. I am 38,mother of five and was diagnosed June 6th 2001. I finished my last chemo in October. I now am on tamoxifen and lupron for five years. Only bad side effects are hot flashes,wicked !!!I still am very tired but I drag myself up and keep busy. Welcome and we are all here for each other.God Bless !!karin

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Hi Lisa,
I was dxed in Jan. 02. had a left mastectomy, 2 nodes +. will take 4th adriamycin/cytoxin
tomorrow am. not looking forward to it, it really zaps the energy out of me, could be the age difference or general health.I AM 54.
GLAD to know you are handling it well.
my next 4 treatments Dr. said will be taxatere, and not as bad, so the Dr. says, well we'll see!!!
How old are your kids? Do you have any help with them if you need it?
My hubby has cancer as well and we pretty much care for each other.

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Hi Grandma,
I'm sorry to hear about your husband - what a thing to go through together! The AC knocked me out for about 5 days as well - the works, throwing up and everything. I started doing acupuncture to help with the nausea and it stopped the vomiting and helped me recover quicker. I have 3 weeks between cycles and the 2 good weeks are when I get my activities in (my sanity savers). The Taxol is not nearly as bad for me - no nausea, just achiness for about 2 days. I hope the taxatere is better for you too.

My kids are 6 (kindergarten) and 8 (third grade). My family and friends have been a huge help. My mother is 20 minutes away and my husband has an office at home. Also my tennis team has organized meals for all the weeks of my treatments. One of the good things to come out of this is to find out how wonderful people are in a situation like this.

Good luck with the AC tomorrow.
God bless!

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As you can see there will be no shortage of woman to talk with on this site. The chat is getting more active everyday with so many of you newbies joining in. I have to say as many probably already have it is too bad it is under such conditions. I sure hope you find what you are looking for. I have been here one year and am so grateful for all those you take time to talk. For many years I couldn't find a support group I was comfortable with and too stuborn for the internet. My how things have changed. I am sure they will for you and the others who follow.
Be good to yourself,

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Well I tell you the radiation will be a walk in the park compared to chemo and surgery.... I would love to talk with you when ever you have a moment..soundsd like you stay pretty busy.. I am 44 been and been dealing with this for little over a year.... have 5 kids.... and am tired all the time!!

i have several instant massages programs we can use to chat..
email me ribbitfrog13@icqmail.com
look forward to it.. JB

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Hi Lisa
I'm new to the site as well. My Name is Debbie Dancy, I'm 34 and have two children. I was diagnosed November of 2000, two weeks before my 33rd bday. It sounds like we've been through the same steps although I had a mastectomy. I first had a lumpectomy, then chemo (4 rounds) then mastectomy, then radiation and then in august I opted to have my other breast removed as well, for precaution. I had four lymph nodes effected. My hair has all grown back and I'm going through reconstruction now, I've been strong through it all but now I'm at a point where I'm scared. I guess just scared of not knowing. I'd love to chat more with you. My email address is dancys99@aol.com
Take Care. Debbie

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I'm not new to this site but usually just read and feed off of others messages. I was glad to read your message because we have alot in common. I was 37 when diagnosed (March 2000), lumpetomy on March 30th, 4 rounds of a/c and 4 rounds of taxol then 6 weeks of radiation and also a years worth of herceptin. I had 6 positive nodes. I also have two children. I'm so glad that you are staying active! That is so important in fighting this disease! I also play tennis and continued to do so as much as I possibly could during treatments. I just wanted to let you know most of all that there is a light at the end of your tunnel! I feel wonderful and plan on keeping it that way! Stay positive! If you want to e-mail me I'm at LIZTHICK77@aol.com
Take care!

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