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Stage III Survivors

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Hi, is anyone out there a stage III colon cancer survivor? I'd like to hear from others who are long term survivors or if you know of others who are. My friend was diagnosed with stage III at age 26, had surgery and now is on 6 months of 3 chemo drugs. He's taking a heavier dosage than normal. It is part of a clinical study, but he opted out of it and is going with the 3 drug regimen to help avoid reoccurance. Anyone out there also on the this treatment? Please advise.

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Hi Toddpern ,I'm Ron FRom Australia, I was diagnosed stage three with six poitive nodes in Jan 98,surgery and 12months of 5fu and levamisol, Still disease free with no signs of recurrence ,tell your friend to hang in and believe in survival ,Cheers Ron.

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I was diagnosed with stage III, 9 positive nodes in the summer of 2000. I am now 28 years old. I had surgery, chemo, chemo-radiation and some more chemo. I am doing well and am still cancer free.

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I am a nine month survivor of Stage III 2 lymph pos. No chemo or rad--only surgery. What would be considered long term? 5 years? I'll let you know in 5 years when I'm still alive and kickin'!

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Hi Todd,
I was diagnosed with Stage III cc last December 2001. I begun my chemo and radiation combination treatments in Jan 2002 followed by successful surgery and complete removal of the tumor last April followed by four more rounds of chemo and 8 more days of radiation. Had my last treatment in September and CEA test shows negative for tumor and complete pathology results shows no tumor invasion of the nearby lymp nodes. Although I am not yet a long term survivor, I am thankful everyday for a second chance to live. Thank you for standing and being a care giver for your friend and tell him to hang on there. There's a lot to live in such a young age. Cancer doesn't have to be a reason to give up but should be a reason to live because it is treatable and because of people like you who provide unconditional support.

Fighting the fight,

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I had a 3 drug regimend for my Stage III cancer. It was CPT11, 5FU, and Leuk (I don't think anyone knows how to spell it). It has been nearly 10 months since my last treatment and I feel fine. I also had surgery right before I started treatments. Although there are still some uncomfortable times, they are few and I have been able to live a completely normal life. Tell your friend to hang in there. If he needs someone to talk to about how to deal with the treatments, just drop me an email. I have a lot of "tips & tricks" that helped me through.

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Hi, I'm 7 years past diagnosis; stage III, 6 nodes. Was told the treatment would kill me or cure me. Not fun but I wasn't ready to kick the bucket at age 46. I have a colostomy that I irrigate everyday. Attitude and a good relationship with your doctors is important!

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