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Oh my poor nose

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Hi everyone
Been off line for a while as I have been feeling well enough to go back to work for a few days. I am working for an agency who find me temporary assignments. Then I had an accident & fell at work & broke my nose!!! I look like a panda only purple instead of black. Talk about bad luck. I was carrying a file at the time so took the fall straight on my nose - I heard it crunch. There are so many new names on the site it seems this horrible disease is getting the upper hand or maybe it's just that the message that htere is help out there is getting around. Love & hugs to all the "new ones" & to all my old friends.

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Pam, it's so good to hear from you again. Was getting worried as you haven't posted in quite a while! Sorry you fell and broke your nose. That hurts soooo much. Hope you're feeling better soon. Glad your markers are down. Will continue to pray for you. HUGS!! Cathy

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Oh, Pam - sooooo sorry - you must hurt a lot from that! Do they tape it in place to knit together?

Three weeks after my last taxol - and getting set for radiation, I left something in the way in my apt. - forgot about it - fell over it and went catapulting into the nearby wall - what a bump on my forehead - and the leg black and blue from knee to foot. I still have the dent in the wall - intend to leave it there to remind me not to be so careless. You were not careless, but I was - talking on the phone and not looking where I was walking to get exercise while on the phone-Stupid me!

I think we do not walk as well after taxol/taxotere. Take care of yourself - and don't be afraid to take it easy too. Glad tho' that you've felt well enough to work again. You are AMAZING!!

I think more names on here for another reason besides more cancer, The site is now being advertised on television.

Love and hugs, Jean

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Oh no, that's terrible. Sorry to hear about that. Hopefully it will heal up right quick.

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Hi Pam, So glad to here from you, I have been wondering how you were doing. Sorry about your nose.OUCH!!That is wonderful that you are able to go back to work. Thanks for letting us know how you are and take care.
God Bless

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Hi Pam...I'm one of the newbies, and just wanted to say hi. So sorry to hear about your nose....as if you haven't been through enough already. If anyone says anything, just say, "Yeah, but you should see my oncologist!" LOL!! I'm glad you're feeling well enough to work. I'm a homemaker, but do a lot of gardening, and it's nice to be back to that. I'm an 8 mo survivor...got lucky & found the cancer at Stage 1, so only lumpectomy, sentinel node procedure, and 33 rads. Let us know how your nose is doing! Best wishes...Cyndi

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Hiya Pam,
Sorry to hear about you bashing your nose. This site certainly is growing. Maybe the word is getting out and maybe the (US)telly ads are bringing in new people. I'm a 6 month survivor now and still can remember coming on this site petrified with fear. You and some of the "old timers" here helped me step-by-step thru this continued journey. I cannot thank you enough! Hugs, CJ

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Hi Pam ,was glad to see your name on here again. Glad you are feeling well,well all except your nose ,,so sorry. Hope it is doing better. It is very sad to see all the new names here,so many of us have to deal with this terrible disease. But this is a wonderful site to vent,and get support. Thanks to all of you for your encouragement. God Bless each and everyone of us. karin

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