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new to group and lonely

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Joined: Apr 2002

Hi, I'm a divorced mother of two and am currently finishing up my tx of taxol. I've already done 4 a/c. I haven't felt well since the beginning of this adventure. I'm really tired and achey all the time. Right now I'm just feeling a little overwhelmed. Is there anyone who is willing to chat with me sometimes? Thanks.

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Hi MadamJ!! My email address is ludasuesnout@yahoo.com. Anytime you would like to chat let me know. I am almost 4 years out from tx now. I had 12 rounds of a/c/5-fu followed by 36 rads. I know the tired and achey feeling. Hang in there. My prayers are with you ... angie

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Thanks Angie.

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Hi there my name is Carlye, I was dxed in sept 2001, I have taken 6 rounds of ac and done rads and now I just started taxol. Since starting that I have not been feeling great. I ache all over and have massive indigestion. I would love to talk anytime. I am 37 years old and a mom of 4. My email is nocarb1@yahoo.com

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Hi Madamj,
Welcome to this site it is a great place to share your feelings. We are all here for each other so feel free to email me here or at maudsemills@aol.com. It is overwhelming at times and we all know what that is like. I will keep you in my prayers.Hope to hear from you.
God Bless

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Hi there, my name is Judy and believe me I know first hand about being tired and lonely. Please e-mail me at evansj22@bellsouth.net. I would love to chat. Judy

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Hello, hello, and welcome to the group. I didn't have to have chemo, but I've heard the taxol is really bad. Are they giving you any steroids ahead of time? Just curious, as one of the ladies in my local support group said that helped a little with the pain after taxol. I would love to chat any time you want to. E-mail me any time....Cyndi
millionairs2@aol.com Best wishes...keep your chin up!

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Hello there,
My name is Angel and I am currently taking AC and will take Taxol after my baby is born. I am interested in talking to you about the Taxol, your diagnosis and anything else you would like. Please reply here or email me at ahaney@elp.rr.com Hope to talk to you soon. Angel

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Dear Mada
HI, i'd love to chat with you - ill be finsihin up chemo in auguges and TODAY is MY ONE YEAR anniversary of CHEMO.. should I send DR a anniversay cared ya thinK?? lol.. you have any IM programs..my email is ribbitfrog13@icqmail.com
i have 4 instant chat programs.. .lol.so pic one and we'll talk allday!! Jerilyn

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The tired & achy flu like symptoms are typical of Taxol & Taxotere. They will pass when you have finished. You don't say what stage you are but although it is getting you down the chemo will aid your survival so hang on in there. Look on it a phase in your life & look forward to the time when you can write in here that you are past your 1st anniversary as a survivor. Try to visualise a time when you feel well again & keep that vision in front of you. Look on each treatment as one less to go & the end is in sight. Lots of luck.
Love & hugs

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