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Anyone heard anything about his girlfriend and how she is doing?

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Someone - can't remember - asked him if that was for real. I always felt it was posted just for a lark - like somebody betting he'd fool the ladies.

The 14 hats did it - no one sick from surgery - and/or chemo - would even think about hats let alone 14. 'Project' was the other clue.

Guess I worked in junior and senior high schools too long.!


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Joined: Apr 2001

I pray your wrong and if you are not that shame on you eric.

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I have not heard a thing, I wish we would!!

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Hi, gals, I actually e-mailed him at his house, I can't believe anyone would be so mean. But, there are lots of nuts out there. I guess we are lucky we usually don't get too many. I thank God each day for you dear sisters, love & kisses, Shirlann P.S. I had a lump removed from my tongue today and am waiting for the path. I thought we were all done and could just grow old and die at 102 in our sleep? Isn't this what you all thought. hee hee

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so, let me get this straight. that whole thing about his girlfriend was a hoax. What is his e-mail address because obviously he needs some prayer.

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