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cervival cancer recurrance

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i been recently diagnosed with cancer in my lymph nodes after been in remission for a year and half from cervical cancer. I am really stressed about it because i recently got married and i dont know how he is going to take looking at me without any hair and getting really sick. I am very depressed and i know that having a positive attitude helps but how do you get that?

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I am at a year and a half now, and I know it can come back and I know it can be really still there hiding. But I am going to spend every moment I have left enjoying what I love. I absolutly refuse to give in. The way I see it, you can face your fear and enjoy what you have in spite of it or you can decide not to face it and let it follow you wherever you go. Spouse will deal with it or he is not worth wasting your time (and unhappyness)on...but he will deal with it better if you are fighting hard!

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I'm the spouse of a cervical cancer survivor.My wife has completed her chemo and radiation treatments and still has to have a hysterectomy.She hasn't lost any hair but is very emotional and has been feeling down alot lately. I'm doing all I can to make her feel comfortable while going crazy myself in the process.Fist of all, congratulations on your new begining w/each other and just hang in there. I'm saying a prayer for you as I say one for my wife of 8 years. Tell your spouse he can e-mail me anytime if it gets difficult.phat1094x5@aol.com Remember, you are going to get through this.god bless

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Dont worry about something you have no control over...just go on with your life

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I am feaful of a recurrance I am currently having one of the symptoms I had when I was diagnosed. The nurse said the bleeding is one of the side effects from the radiation therapy I received in 1997 (scar tissue) any one experiencing the same?

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Tracey I had radiation both internal and external 13 years ago and am now experiencing spotting and pain and I can't control my blader much anymore I am going to the bathroom almost every two hours. Because of the internal radiation there was a lot of burned tissue and it never healed so all of my pap smaears have been positive. Now I also wonder if it is back or is it my age- I am 58. The doctor, who I really don't seem to get along with and is the only oncology-gyn doctor available to me with my HMO, says he wants to put me in the hospital to do biopsies in my uteris and cervix but since my vagina has shortened and collapsed he has to to this in the operating room and could possibly cause a fissure that would mean the removal of my bladder, colon and uteris etc. My life would then be wearing bags and I can't agree to this so he is very unhappy with me and I am scared too. I would like to talk to you more about your situation if you would like to contact me at mrsimmons@strangeion.com feel free to. Mimi in Ca.

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