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Another Newbie

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I am 50 years old and was just diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer on April 9th and had my entire thyroid removed plus a large tumor that went below my breast boneon the 15th. The tumor basically peeled off from my carotid, trachea (which had been displaced by the tumor), vocal cords, etc. The surgeons were rather surprised at this and quite happy. They also had to remove a chunk of muscle tissue from my neck where the tumor had ingratiated itself too much for easy removal. The parathyroid glands on the right side were transplanted to the left side. When I first came home my neck was numb from just above my chin to the 7" incision at the base of my neck. Now I have started gaining back feeling-- and not normal feelings either. Right now the edge of my chin when touched feels like a rug burn. Sounds simple doesn't it: just don't touch it! Problem occurs though when you put face on pillow for sleeping: pain! If I am exhausted, I fall asleep with no problem. If I am not, then I toss and turn or give up and get up and usually go online (like right now!). The rest of my neck feels like I have a bandage wrapped tightly around it. Is this normal? Do you eventually get normal sensations back? Surprisingly, it doesn't hurt below the incision. Haven't figured that one out yet! Anyone who can help would be greatly appreciated! :) My email addy is ldjhmc@cgmailbox.com. Thanks!

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My name is Geri. I was diagnosed 10yrs ago at age 33. I had recurrence 7yrs ago with another surgery 1 1/2 yrs ago. Last surgery turned out benign! Anyway, the surgery 7yrs ago was a modified radical right neck discestion. The doctor told me that it take one full year before you know what your true neck feeling will be. I found that as the year went by it was better - it just takes time so please just hold in there.

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