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I am new here and I would love to chat with someone

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I have been in treatment for a while but would like to chat with someone about just anything.

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Hi there. My name is judy. And belive me I have been in treatment for a LONG while. I am 48 yrs. old and would like to chat. My e-mail address is evansj22 @bellsouth.net Judy

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Hi judy. I am new here also. diagnosed one year ago with stage 1v, mets to liver and now just this week, mets to brain. Have any ideas about coping? dreed

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I am glad you found this site and only hope you have found a place to get it all off your shoulders and know you can vent and we will all understand. You have been through so much and for this I am truly sorry for your pain. I believe that one has to be their own best advocate and ask for the things you need and this too is difficult when we tend to take care of others needs before ours. I do hope that you have learned by now that one has to ask for help when you need it and through these actions find the ability to cope with all you have been given.
Your close to our hearts,

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Hi Dreed,

Well, you have had a heavy year made heavier this past week. Have your doctors given you all your options and probabilities.

Am wondering how your liver mets have been treated this past year.

Keep posting here because that way you are apt to get better information than just chatting privately by email with a few.

Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers,

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Hi...I'm 43, was diagnosed last August with Stage 1 cancer...no chemo....33 rad treatments, finished Nov. 16th...on tamoxifen now for 5 yrs. Would love to chat any time. Cyndi millionairs2@aol.com

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