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i'm new here

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i would be very interested in talking with others in the early stages of treatment. i've had a lumpectomy and am currently beginning second set of chemos. any one would be welcome.

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Welcome!!! I would love to chat anytime, I am 37 and have had 6 rounds of AC, I have done rads and now am in the middle of Taxol. Email me anytime nocarb1@yahoo.com


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Hi my name is Judy. I have had ca. for 5 yrs.now Would like to chat. My e-mail is evansj22@bellsouth.net

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Welcome to this site,
Like you I'm in the early stages of treatment. I had a lumpectomy Jan 25 and was then prescribed 4 sets of chemo (AC). I've done three so far, one left to go. Lost my hair after about 3 weeks - started coming out in big bunches. So I went and had it all shaved off. Was much less depressing than having it fall out lots by lots. Also felt good to take some action myself instead of being acted upon. My tumor was stage 2, I'm estrogen/progesteron positive, HER2 Negative and 1 out of 10 lymph nodes had cancer. They didn't manage to get a clean margin after the first lumpectomy so plan to operate again in June. Don't know if this will be another lumpectomy or a masectomy. I'm in France so don't very often join the chat room because of time difference but would enjoy talking with you via email if you felt like it. My email is pecq@wanadoo.fr
Hope your chemo is going ok.
Keep your spirits up

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I too want to welcome you to this site. I have been posting now for a year and have found the support and understanding I have been looking for. I too hope you will find what you need to give you the strength to get through it all. I am a 5 year survivor with stage 3 11 out 21 positive nodes. I hope to see you in chat. Often times if one in room you will find someone like me sitting and waiting for someone to come join in. Hope to meet you soon.
Be good to yourself,

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sorry it took me so long to get back to you. i'm so computer dense that i forgot how i got here. thanks for answering. hope to talk soon. vicki

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Hello and welcome!! I'm fairly new here, too, but have already met some wonderful, upbeat women. You are welcome to either post or e-mail me any time...I had stage 1, neg nodes, er & pr +, Her-2 neg. I had a lumpectomy, sentinel node procedure, no chemo, 33 rad treatments, & am on tamoxifen for 5 yrs...just started in Dec. Dx was in August 2001. Would love to chat...keep your spirits up...you WILL get through this! Cyndi millionairs2@aol.com

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Hello I am Cathy, 1 yr. survivor, would love to chat email is cslaski1@cs.com I also had lumpectomy 4 a/c & 4 taxol, 6 weeks radiation

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I was new here about 1 1/2 yrs. ago. I received the best advice I could get anywhere. I'm 6 months post treatment,very much like yours, so ask away! Hugs, Cj

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