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2nd treatment question

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I was diagnosed two years ago with thyroid cancer after being told the nodules were benign. My thyroid was removed and I went through radiation and have been fine since. So I thought. I am now preparing for radiation again,have been off my meds for almost five weeks and as you can guess I am VERY tired. Im just curious about anyone else who has been through treatment twice and can share their experience and prognosis. Best of luck to everyone and thankyou for any response.

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I have been through 2 rounds of 150mci I-131 within 6 months of surgery. Thyroglobulin levels are currently elevated. (Was diagnosed in 1999).
I'm currently waiting for the next step, and feel very fortunate to be seen now at a major cancer hospital. I would be happy to communicate further with you if you please.
best wishes,

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