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low back pain with NHL

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Hi, I'm new to the group and am wondering if anyone else has experienced debilitating low back pain with NHL. My primary sites have been on my aorta and after treatment I had a 21 month remission, then it appeared in my paratoid gland. Again I underwent treatment and after a 6 month remission I again got it in the other side of my face in the paratoid duct. I am currently in remission but am experiencing terrible back pain which has been on-going for at least a year. It is very difficult to walk or stand and at times I am unable to lay in bed and sleep most of the night in my recliner. Would love to hear from others with similar situations. BTW I don't tolorate most of the pain meds I have tried so have given up on them altogether and do get some relief from a TENS unit.

Looking forward to being a part of this group. Joan63MA

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I'm new too! I also didn't tolerate the pain meds they gave me at first (they all seem to make me vomit). Finally, they gave me a Duragesic patch. Have you tried this? It sure worked for me. I still have a little breakthrough pain, but nothing like I had before.

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