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20 year old son with hodgkins lymphoma

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My son was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma in January, 2002. He has to have 12 chemo treatments. He has had five. He has reached the point where the thoughts of the leukine shots or having to take his nausea medicine makes him feel sick. He is up and going strong most of the time. His appetite is still real good. I dont know what to do to help him.

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I don't think there is any special formula for helping. Just being there like it sounds like you are will help him more than anything. I took care of my mom when she had metastatic lung cancer that spread to her brain and eventually to her liver (she passed away last year). I don't know if it was the "right" thing to do, but I just tried to take things day by day and tried to give her what she needed each day. I think feeling like you don't know what to do is normal. Who would ever have experience with these things, unless one has been through it him/herself??? That is really good that your son's appetite is still good and that he feels strong most of the time. Just use your instincts and I am sure you are doing a great job helping your son!

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The best help you can provide for your son is your unconditional, unwavering love and support. That's the most important thing for him to have while he's going through this. He will have down days, and you will feel helpless, but always remember that your just being there for him is wonderful medicine in itself. My father was diagnosed with Hodgkin's disease when I was 16. Yesterday was his 5 year anniversary of completing treatment. His diagnosis devastated my family, and we all felt powerless to help him. All we could do was be there and love him. Fortunately for us, that was all it took. Even when the treatments made him sick and he was feeling down, he had absolute knowledge of our love and support. I truly believe that this knowledge helped him fight and ultimately triumph over the disease. This is what your son needs from you right now. Your love is the best medicine you can give him.

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