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Painful after effects of chemo

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I was operated on for ovarian cancer in 1995. I had 6 months of carbo and taxol. I noticed at about the 4th treatment, discomfort in my side and leg. It is still with me. There is also pain in my back. I have done the bone scan, Catscans, MRI etc. and tumor marker is at 17 so feel confident this is not a reoccurrence since it has been with me since 1996. Do any of you ovarian cancer survivors have lingering pains?

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I have only had 2 treatments, but Taxol cause a lot of leg pain and cramping. I haven't had my surgery yet, so I thought the tumor was causing the pain, or the onset of my cycle, but this second treatment had me in pain that my normal pain pills weren't helping with down my legs, front and calves and back and abdomen. The doc gave me Hydromorphone pain pills and decadron, both available in generic. The decadron is a steroid for the leg pains mostly and it is taken the day prior to the treatment and followed the next two days, then you stop. The Hydromorphone, from what I have read can be habit forming and can cause withdrawls in some people if taken for more than 7-9 days, so I am only going to use it when it's absolutely needed, and use the Darvaset otherwise. I hope this helps. God Bless and best of luck to you. Heidi

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hi, i am a ovarion cancer survior of 2 years, my side affects that this time are numbness in my feet. from the balls of my feet to thee toes, they burn at night or anytime that i am not wearing shoes, i can not stand to stand for more than 2 hours in one spot,and i must wear socks to bed. the doc says it will never get better or go away...and that at least i am living......hows that for sympthy. so do your side effects affect your job...i have had to restrict mine somewhat so i can stand as well as sit throught the day. but now i have been premanently laid off so i must find a new job. please send me a email back so we can become freinds.

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Finally! Someone says something about the leg and back pains! I thought I was the only one. I had ovarian cancer when I was 11 and on April 15 2003 I will be totally cured! So of course, I'm totally excited. But there is still the lower back pain and the leg aching feeling. My doctor says the lower back pain is just scar tissue and the leg pain is lack of calcium. Honestly, I dont believe her. I mean, I love my doctor, because she saved my life, but right now I dont think she truely knows. If you get any answers please tell me!
ps: my friend who also had ovarian cancer says the same thing

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I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer Sept.23,2003. I had a complete hysterectomy six chemo treatments carbo and taxol...Its going on three years and I have so much trouble with my back and my legs...I have had scans and MRI its not cancer...I think it is from the chemo...I never had trouble before...but I just thank God that I am still here and doing OK other than my back hurting...


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