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Ovarian cancer

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I am 74 yrs old--was dx with ovian cancer last year had hystrectomy--Went on chemo for 6 months--Had very few side effects--my ca test has been 6 for last few blood tests--can anyone tell me how long it can go on before in returns--which im sure it will--its like waiting for other shoe to drop--lol
Ive had a good life and im not complaing when i think of all the little kids and young mothers who have cancer--but i was just wondering if there is such a thing as not rtecurring after a certain time--thank you If anyone cares to e mail me that is fine sometimes i cant figure these message boards out

Petey PT27@AOL.COM


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Petey, I completed chemo for ovarian cancer in 1996. The other shoe hasn't dropped yet. My tumor was 5-6 pounds and the doctor figured I had had it for 3-4 years.

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Dear Petey,
Cancer is an awful disease - not only because of the physical effects but, I think, more because of the effects it has on how we think. I often feel like I'm running, and the cancer is also running right behind me. I, too, felt like it was just a matter of time before the "other shoe would drop." As more time passes, though (it's been 14 months, 10 days since my diagnosis ... but who's counting?), I have more "normal" days where the cancer isn't constantly on my mind.
Congrats on your good blood test results. God bless you!

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Dear Petey,
I am in a similar situation - waiting for the other shoe to drop is a good way to express it. I am confident that some people never have a recurence. The ovca newsletter that I subscribe to lists anniversaries for all the members and some go up to 27 years. Remember that the survival rates that you read about are all dramatically out of date. The current figures are all higher that what is in the medical literature. You might like to subscribe to the newsletter - go to CHMelancon@AOL.COM
I will email this to you in case you don't get it this way.

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hello! I was diagnosed nov.1984 and have gone through 1 1/2 years of chemo,radiation and three surgeries.I have survived now almost 19 years with no signs of anything.It is possible!!!! I was given less than 5 years to live.I take every day ,one at a time still ,and enjoy everything around me.

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