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whipple procedure

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As a first time user of this web page I was very impressed of all the information I got.
My husband had a whipple procedure done on 7/22/02 at Mass General. He had a maligent tumor in his bile duct.He had surgery,they removed part of his stomach,sm.intestines the head of the pancreas,bile duct and gallbladder.They also discovered that three out of nine lymp nodes were cancerous,but they also were removed.(And none of his other organs were effected.)He had a 21/2 week stay at the hospital due to an infection and a slow recovery at home which he is still going through.He will be starting aggresive radiation and chem treatment on May1.
Has anyone out there had this type of surgery?
What is the long term prognosis?
So far I have heard of people as of this date it has been four years.

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Dear Bevl:
Just had a Whipple done at John Hopkins University Hospital at the end of March, myself for a tumor in the bile duct also. I would highly recommend their web site - just search for 'John Hopkins'. I found lots of really valuable information prior to my surgery. Dr. John Cameron is one of the most experienced surgeon with the Whipple. They do about 200+ a year.

Survival rates are hard to say since every patient is different. While the surgery's tough, it's the spread of the cancer that more the concern.

I'd say to move forward with the treatments as much as possible. I wish you both well.

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I believe my father has pancreatic cancer. We will know on Monday. I would like to know how your husband is doing. Where is Mass General? We are thinking of going to MD Anderson. Any info you can give would be appreciated. I hope all is well.

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I had the whipple procedure this past April. This past Monday I was given a clean bill of health(no cancer). I feel the most important thing is to find a surgeon who does this operation on a regular basis. I was very fortunate. My surgeon does about 60 per year.


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So far, your message was the first ray of hope I have heard of. What stage was your cancer? ttrci

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Hi Vernon. I'm 60 year old "CrankyDan" in Connecticut. You had your Whipple at about the same time that I was first diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer -- but my diagnosis is still not conclusive, and so far I have declined to have the Whipple because of its potential for complications and debilitating consequences. How are you faring after the Whipple, especially considering that the doctors have now given you a clean bill of health? Have you regained all the strength and abilities you had before you were diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer? (I'm really afraid of complications like persistent weakness, diabetes, the possible need for a colostomy, and all that kind of negative stuff.)


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My mother had Whipple surgery performed by Dr Tom Stellato at University Hospitals of Cleveland. He is a specialist in Whipple and does many in a year. Her original surgeon had the honesty to say he was not skilled enough but referred her to Dr. Tom. It has been 5 1/2 years with no cancer recurrance. Digestion problems occasionally, and low grade diabetes due to 1/2 pancreas. The surgery is formidable, but she did well and is still doing so! Anyone with questions or concerns, feel free to email me at HopiRaven@aol.com

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Hello, my mom had the whipple procedure done on 7/03 at age 54 due to a 2 malignant tumors at the ampulla of vater and duodenum. Thank god they were both early stage 1 tumors. Her surgeon removed the gallbladder, duodenum and the head of the pancreas. She had no nodes involved. She had her surgery at Cleveland Clinic by Dr. Walsh. No chemo/radiation was recommend for her by the oncologist because they did not know what good it would do her. She has an ileostomy (age 31) due to familial adenomatous polyposis. She is doing well, besides sometimes getting fatigued.
I hope your husband is doing well and our thoughts are with you and your family.

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What is the whipple procedure?
Could someone explain for me.
We go to a top cancer center and I've never heard of it.

Thank You, Trish

mr steve
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From what I heard it removal of the pancrease, spleen, parts of the stomach, small and large intestines, and liver and gall bladder.


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Thank you so much.

I guess thats why I hadn't heard of it/since it deals with the pancreas.

Always learning...

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