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cutting edge and alternatives

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you should ALL be taking a statin such as lipitor 80mg/day plus the arthritis drug clinoril 200 twice daily, perhaps with misoprostol 200 3x daily to prevent GI bleeding. this combo has high potential to cause tumor cell apoptosis (cell suicide) or at least freeze the cells in one phase of division. adding the diabetic drug actos or avandia may further potentiate this combo. it acts on cancer's glucose sensitivity. BTW, cholesterol "statins" are really poor man's farnesyl transferase inhibitors. These work really well at least %50 percent of the time in colon ca. They are targeted therapies that go after a tumor enzyme. They should always give dendritic vaccines. Nutritionally, I like flax, borage, and fish oil. The product C-statin, made from bindweed, is 100x more potent than shark cartilage. Broccoli sprouts are loaded with sulfurophane. Check out Fred's site www.ncrf.org. Also lef.org and emergingmed.com. God Bless

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