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Just looking for chat partner

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Joined: Apr 2002

Hi, I have tried to hit the chat room several times in the last couple of weeks and so far have had NO luck. They are always empty. If anyone is out there that just wants to chat and compare notes about life, husbands, kids, how to deal with the angry feelings, and so on and so forth email me or icq me
Bullfroggie13@hotmail.com or icq 13842303. I also have MSN and Yahoo instant messager......... I'm BORED lets talk OK

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Hi, I have had trouble with this chat room. When I got in I would type two letters and then the hour glass would come up and then I would have to wait forever to type anything else,maybe it will work better for you. I just wanted to let you know that there are a bunch of ladies that chat on cancersurvivors.com, it is very easy to get into and you can just click the page icon to see if there is anyone in there or waiting to go in.If you have anymore questions about it feel free to email me here or at maudsemills@aol.com. Take care and maybe I will meet you on the chat room.
God Bless

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I would love to chat anytime, I am on yahoo messenger my name is nocarb1 on there. Just go ahead and add me. I am 37 with 4 kids and was dxed with BC stage 2 last sept. I would love to chat anytime!!

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I am 40 and also have 4 kids. I was dx with stage 2 last July. I'd love for you to email me sometime. How old is your youngest?
and oldest? Email me anytime.
Take care,

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Hi, How do I start... I don't know if I can be of any help ..... all I want to do is cry but I have to work like nothing has happened because people around me expect me to be the always strong one. It's hard I don'tlook the same and I'm scared that it will come back. The radiation the meds the stigma of people forgetting my name and just thinking me as "cancer". My child is grown so maybe you need to talk to someone that has young babies ? Leem

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hi leem
my name is cheryl i had to write you i'm noit young either i'm 49 and have 3 beautiful grandchildren i was dx at the age of 42 and yes i was terrified i was going crazy and i never went to support except family but here they will help you but if you need to talk cant catch me here i'm always in yahoo somewere i do a lot for kids w/ cancer so my email at yahoo is tcbangels3@yahoo.com need me you will find me take care

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www.cancersurvivor.com is a great site site for chatters.

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I am new the the site. I have tried to find someone on here to chat with but have had no luck. I had a large lupectomy on my right breast and had lympnotes taken out. (sorry about the spelling). I went through chemo, now I am going through radiation. I have burned very bad from it. I have only 4 more treatments left. I already had a mommogram and it was all clear. Plus I had a bone scan and that was clear. I just wanted to chat with someone. My e-mail is dirtracingmom@hotmail.com if any one wants to e-mail me. Maybe we can chat on yahoo?

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Hi, I'm Cathy, one year survivor- one husband, 3 kids, 2 dogs, would love to chat.

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Hello, would love to chat with you to vent and just chat about life..karin,my email is gormelclan@hotmail.com

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