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What are the signs of stomach cancer? I have had colon cancer, and I swear now more than ever I have a little more heart burn. I dont want to sound silly or anything but at my age I would like to catch things if I can. I am only 27. I had my surgery in 97' and went thru 6 months of Chemo. I am doing fine now except for that. My sister's father in law was just diagnosed with stomach cancer. I honestly dont know much about it and would like some ideas of what the signs are.
Any help will be gladly taken.

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Dear vicmier,
If you have taken OTC antacids or have been prescribed a stomach acid inhibitor, i.e., Prilosec or Prevacid, and they do not seem to be working it may be a good idea to ask your doctor about an endoscope. This is how my tumor was found after five different visits to the doctor. I was complaining of pain at the point in my chest where the sternum ends and none of the drugs were working. The acid/heartburn is not necessarily an indication of cancer but the endoscopy will allow the doctor to observe your esophagus and stomach to ascertain the condition of the areas. It is my understanding that persistant heartburn can be an indication of tissue damage to the esophagus and/or stomach and although not cancerous can increase the odds of cancer possibly developing. You know your own body better than anyone else and although you may not always know what it is trying to tell you I do not think you would be remiss in at least obtaining some peace of mind by being more thoroughly tested. Hopefully your symptoms are something that can be resolved through drug treatment rather than any type of surgery. I understand Nexium has proven to be very beneficial for most people who have been diagnosed with an erosive esophageal condition due to excess acid. I was diagnosed with stomach cancer in July of 2001, had a resection surgery and went through treatments, etc. I will probably have to take Prilosec for the rest of my life to keep the acid levels down in my gastric system. This has become doubly important for me as I no longer have an esophageal valve due to the resection. The loss of the valve makes any excess acid that much more unpleasant to deal with as there is nothing but gravity to keep it in my stomach where it belongs.
Best wishes to you and your sister's father in law.
Sincerely, bearski (Steve Pierkowski)

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Recently diagnosed with Stomach Cancer at 33 I can honestly tell you everyone may describe their symptoms differntly. My Father as well had Stomach Cancer two years prior. If you have a moment go to the ACS homepage under "select a cancer type" drill down to "stomach Cancer" browse through the various topics "symptoms" being one of them. It's pretty accurate I had all the symptoms listed. Keep a smile on your face :o)


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