What is normal for a PSA reading after 5 years???

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I have passed the 5 year mark. My PSA started out reading 0.2 (after an initial readidng of 16.0 before surgery. It is now 0.7. Is this normal or hight (or alarming?)
My son who is 40 years old has a reading of about 2.75 (is this normal). No one seems to know what normal is. A friend told me of a man who had a PSA reading of 40 and yet his biopsy was negative. Will someone who is an authority give me some answers?


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    I am not a physician, but have been told that the PSA should be 0.0 after surgery. If it were me and I had surgery, and PSA was rising, I would be conserned. I would be seeing an oncologist regularly and monitoring the PSA closely. I had brachytherapy 18 months ago (sseding) and my PSA is <0.1. I have been told that I will have a PSA reading as not ALL cells are killed by radiation whereas all cells should have been removed by surgery unless the cancer has escaped the prostate. Watch it closely. Dennis
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    I am having my PSA checked today after having a prostatectomy a year ago March 29. I will e-mail my doctors response tonite. I think anything below a reading of 1.0 is normal, but I'll let you know for sure tonite.

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    I'm sorry but I lost my I-net connection last nite. I did go to my dtr. to have my PSA test taken and asked him what was considered acceptable as a reading. He said that each case was different, but that the reading should not vary much. ex. my 6 month reading following surgery was 0.05 and he would not expect it to go to 0.10. However he would not be concerned if it were to go to 0.07. Hope this helps. I would suggest that you contact your doctor and ask him.

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    Hi....my husband Jim was 37 last year when he was diagnosed with Prostate cancer. His psa went from 0.9 to 4.1 in 1 year. They did a repeat psa and it went down to 2.2. Well, the doctors weren't concerned because of his age but I insisted he see a urologist. He had the biopsy and indeed had cancer. From what I understand, men in their 30s and early 40s really should be under 1. I am not a doctor but it scares me to think if we left it alone. He had the surgery last June with Dr. Patrick Walsh down at Johns Hopkins and is doing great. I would really have your son get checked out just to be sure and especially since you had it too. He might just have an infection or enlarged prostate.


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