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46-just finished radiation for ovarian cancer

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I am new to this but thought it would be a good idea. I was diagnosed with epithelial ovarian cancer a year ago and have had two surgeries, 4 treatments of chemo (taxol and carbo) and now have just completed full radiation treatments. My diagnosis is a bit unclear ... one group says it was a Brenner Tumor and another say it is edometrioid cancer....both kinds fall under epithelial cancer and treatment options are pretty much the same. And there seems to be some dispute as to whether I have Stage IIB or Stage IIIA.
I'm wondering so many things...but I guess most of all right now..if anyone else in this discussion group has been diagnosed with the same sort of cancer? If anyone has used radiation therapy for their treatment and if so, how has your body handled it?!?! And also comments on how to get back to life without doctor visits. I am planning to start back to work next week but finding it tough without seeing doctors all the time to assure me that there isn't another tumor somewhere. Anyone have any advise or similiar feelings?!?!!?

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