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New to the group

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Hi all...I'm an 8-month survivor of Stage I breast cancer, and just thought I'd say hi to everyone. I'm so glad there is a resource like this for us! Sometimes, you just need to talk.....like now....I have my first post-treatment mammogram coming up May 1st. I'm a little anxious. I guess that's cuz I didn't feel the first lump, although, with the radiation, I can't see how anything could grow back in that breast! LOL! But, there's still the other one. Even with the Tamoxifen, that fear is in the back of my mind. Does that ever go away? Well thoughts and prayers to all. I'm glad to be a part of a group of tgrue survivors...it's so empowering, isn't it?

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Hi..and a big Congratulations to you!! Best of Luck to you on May 1st. I am a 2 yr 9 mo. breast cancer survivor and I still get a bit anxious before my exams, I think it is normal and may lessen as time goes on but I don't know if it will totally go away. Murphy

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I am fairly new here as well and its wonderful!! I have stage 2a dxed in Sept 2001. Today I had my first scans since my dx and they were all clear, but yes I was anxious!! BIGTIME!!! Wednesday comes a bone scan. Anyway I am glad you are here!! I would love to chat anytime. Nocarb1@yahoo.com

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Hi Murphy, and thanks for the congrats! I'm not sure the anxious, pre-mammogram feelings will ever go away either, but I guess it's a small price to pay to be alive! Congrats to you, too!!! Wow...2 yrs and 9 mos....that's wonderful! Someday we're going to just totally beat this disease!!! Best wishes! Cyndi

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Hi, I'm new to the group also and I would agree that it's nice to have this kind of outlet and see that others are going through the same thing! I'm currently undergoing treatment. I finished 4 cycles of A/C and now I'm doing Taxol. I'm in pain 90% of the time and it can be very difficult to have a normal lifestyle (is there such a thing anymore?). Well, I hope to hear from you soon. Bye for now.

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Hi and thanks for the reply. I didn't have to have chemo, but I have friends in my support group that have. One just got done with her taxol last month, and is much better now, so keep looking to the future! The other one is getting her taxol now, and is having the same problem you are...she was in bed 3 days after the last reatment. I wish you well, and let me know how you're doing. Cyndi Millionairs2@aol.com

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Hi nasa--- i have 18 more chemo treatments to go..then i'll be where you are.. i worrry all the time about the "other one" too
lets talk - you have icq? if so my # is 13842303.. or email me bullfroggie13@hotmail.com

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You sound like you have a great attitude. Keep smiling. I'm going for my first mamogram the end of may. I'm a little worried also. Let me know how yours goes. I'll say a prayer.

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Thanks for the mammogram prayer! Our prayers have sure changed topics, haven't they? I have tried to keep a good attitude, because I am not one to let something as sneaky as cancer get me down. Good luck with your upcoming mammo, too. I'd like to know how yours goes, too. Thanks, Tonie! Cyndi

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You sound so upbeat. good for you. I can't take tamoxifen because it gave me too many side effects so I'm trying to find a doctor that will try something else on me. I'm a 5 mo. survivor..... I can't believe I even had cancer..... and no one around me is too supportive.... they just want me to be the same ole strong person for them..... all I want to do is cry..... I feel very alone and confused .... and scared.... I afraid I have slipped into a depression unfortunately ... it's hard to concentrate.... do you ever feel this way? leem

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Hi Leem,

Was 63 when I was dx in Dec. 2000 tho' I had the lump in Nov. Had surgery, chemo, radiation and then began tamoxifen. I think I felt better before I began the tamoxifen, but not bad enough to stop it. Perhaps you could give it another chance.

On the other hand, Arimidex - works differently - is often given as a substitute now when people feel they can't tolerate tamoxifen.

When you spoke of your doctor, did you mean your oncologist? If he sounds or acts indifferent, find another quickly - and say good-bye to him.

A low-dose antidepressant which many of us take helps with the hot flashes and also depression.

Good Luck! Keep us posted.

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Hi leem...I'm so sorry you are feeling so bad, but it is very normal....especially when you don't have a lot of support. Please check with your county American Cancer Society, or a local cancer center, your surgeon...anyone....but find a support group and go. I did that, and I love it. Most of the women are older than I am (I'm 43), but it really does a lot of good to see some 15 year survivors. And, you can talk about every feeling, because they all know what you are going through. You need to put your foot down and tell everyone that whether they want to accept it or not, you have had cancer, and that is a big thing, and you need to take care of yourself or you won't be any good to them at all. It is not a crime to put yourself first...do it with your head held high...you've been through a lot that they can never understand. Is your treatment over? Because that is usually when you start feeling the worst. You are no longer doing anything active to make sure the cancer is gone, and you feel vulnerable and alone. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!! We are all here. Get your support here, but find a group locally, too. It really does a lot of good to sit face-to-face with women and talk. I haven't had any real depression. I had one day when I was reading one of the breast books, that the word "cancer" just jumped off the page, stopped being a word, and became something I had. What a realization that was!! I cried all day about everything and nothing. If the depressed feelings continue, see a doctor...even a family doctor can help with that. On this website, I think from the American Cancer Society homepage, you can search for providers and facilities near your home. Do that, and start calling and try to find an oncologist that specializes in breast cancer. If you only have to go every few months now, it's worth a drive if you have to, to get to a good and understanding Dr. I drive about 50 miles to my oncologist. (my readiation was closer to home, as was the surgery). But, I wouldn't trade her for anything. I have a friend that just started Arimidex, because the tamoxifen was awful for her. So find a good Dr., and try to do it soon. I really wish you all the best, and please keep in touch. My e-mail address is MillionAirs2@aol.com Write any time....we are here to support each other! Cyndi

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