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Dont worry. The surgery wasn't bad compared to what we have been through. The expanding prosess is a little differant. Just a tightness on fill day. I was glad when it was time for my implant. you will be ok. Just another step in the journey.

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that is what i am having done now. tuesday i go for my first fill. you are right just another step in the journey. i cannot wait till the implants are in and the tightness goes away palofkids

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Dear Palofkids,
Please let me know how your first fill goes. I'm going in for my first fill on May 6. I'm anxious to get this started! thanks. CherylF

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hello cherylf and palofkids, please let me know how it all goes. I go for my first fill May 7th. I'm a little scared myself. I will be thinking of you,wishing you best of luck. karin

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