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came back in liver

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Hi this is Judy22 I had breast cancer in 1997 then in 1999 it cane back in my liver. Can't seen to get it in remission. Has anyone else had this problem Judy22

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Dear Judy,
I am sorry for all the pain you have had to endure. I know, as we all do, the fear you must be feeling. I know that you too will find the strength that you need to carry on through the phases, you must.
Judy it is time to cut out the What Cancer Cannot Not Do List (found in Gallery section of this site) and put it on the fridge so that you see it many times in the day. You keep reading that and you can't help but feel better. I think one starts to believe what it is they read. I found this rather reassuring, more than anything.
You are close at heart and on my mind,

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Where do you live. If I were in your situation I would look into the Cleveland Clinic or Pittsburgh, PA for their liver treatment programs of radiotherapy. This works often if there are not a lot of tumors in the liver. I think I have the URL and will send it on to you when I find it.

What treatments are you having now?

Good luck to you.

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Thanks Jean for the information,but I live in Tenn.Right now I am on Navelbine and herceptin, but he says he thinks its about time to change my medicine.

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