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Lung cancer surgery on 4/8/02

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My lung cancer was found during a routine xray for my breast cancer in Jan. I had a lumpectomy on Jan14 with 30 radiation treatments. The lung cancer was not from the breast which is good. Each of the cancer was stage 1. The larger left lobe of my left lung was removed on April 8, 02. When can I return to normal activites and not have shortness of breaths. I have not been in much pain and have been up and walking around a week after surgery. Can't wonder why I have these two cancers, but have dealt with them and am moving on with life. I'm taking one day at a time and plan to be strong and positive with the help of many friends and family. Good luck to all of you.


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I had separate lung and breast cancer too. My left lung was removed in March 1998 and the right breast in March 1999. Everyone is different and I suspect that your recovery will depend in some part on your general health and prior physical abilities. I was forty at the time of my surgery and I still have some problems with steep inclines and so forth. But, I could generally perform all routine activities within a month.

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My cancer was discovered with a routine xray too. October 1999 I had a small wedge removed from my left lung, and November 1999 the top lobe of my right lung removed. Stage one, non small cell. I went back to work about 7 weeks later, but it took seven to eight months before I felt really good and strong again.Going on 3 years now, so far so good. One little episode with fluid one year after surgery.Had my chest tapped and drained. Sounds worse than it was. No pain at all from the tap. I wish you well.

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to fatstan: Can you respond with more information about your stage at surgery in 1999; whether there was any lymph node involvement, etc. I need comparison information. Am stage 11B, upper left lobe removed 12-4-01, one positive lymph node (although it was not mediastinal). Would like to hear from anyone who has had this surgery, to know their stage, and their experience with post-op pain. Has anyone else had muscle spasm type pain in shoulder just below surgical scar which is persistent and relieved by heat and lying down? I don't understand why this has not improved more five months after surgery. I'm new to site and would appreciate feedback.

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I had two separate breast cancers, and my lung cancer was discovered after that. All 3 of my cancers were stage 1, no nodes. Go figure. I decided my DNA was just simply out of wack, and have worked at changing my life.

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My lung cancer was found during pre-op for knee surgery. I had a lobectomy 12/11/21. It was a non small cell tumor Stage 1 and they removed the first top lobe of the right lung and the lymph nodes were not effected. I was fortunate not to have to take chemo/radiation. I was back to work three weeks after surgery. I am having problems of being winded and numbness/pain on the right side of my stomache. I was told I have a 40% of the cancer coming back and don't know if that means in the lungs again or elsewhere. I'm to have x-rays every 3 months and CT scan every six months. I have a positive attitude but worry about the percentage of it coming back.

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I am new to this site and trying to learn what to do. Would like to EMail but don't know how. Diagnosed with Squamous cancer in Left Lung which would require surgery. Did find small cell in right lung on the edge but it was near a node.They could do laser but am waiting results of Pet Scan to see if it trvelled. My problem is my family is scattered over the US and I live alone in Fl. I don't know how long someone should stay with me after surgery and what to expect. Could use some thoughts on this. I also have a severe latex allergy and it would be better if I stayed at home as my place is allergy free. Thanks, Pstart

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