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Lately ive realized life is a beautiful thing. I am still very young but i have watched a couple of me friends and family members die of cancer. I feel out of place on this web site but i jsut need someone to talk to. All of my friends dont see things the way i see them. I just need someone to talk to

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Hi, You have come to the right place to get a listening ear, everyone here will make you feel right at home . They are a great bunch of ladies and ever so caring.They have blessed me in many ways,and I am so thankful that I found this site. So feel free anytime we are all her whenever you need us.
God Bless

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Hi, strength, yes, cancer is a devastating way to go. It sounds like you are maybe suffering from depression. Think about anti-depressants. They knit up the raveled sleeve of care, are not addictive and will help you get thru a year or two until you get your feet under you. God bless you, Shirlann

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Hi strength,
Welcome to a place that you can feel free to say all you feel. I think you can see from the number of posts on this site many of us share this same need. I think that cancer is a difficult thing to grasp, especially those left behind to find themselves in a whole new world that cancer brings.
Like you I had past experiences to draw from, I had a grandmother who went through her fight with this disease when I was very young. None the less I self examed myself and there for found the lump before the doctors did. I also knew I had cancer before the doctors did. The still didn't want to believe it was possible for healthy athletic women to get it. It has been 5 years since my diagnosis and your right, it is hard to find people who truly understand the depths of the soul unless they too have some of the same experience pool to draw from. I found myself with a great need to talk to women like myself after struggling years without some breast cancer support. I had lots of support don't get me wrong but it was difficult for others to understand. I heard once it is hard for people to understand the depths of cancer patients pain because it is on a cellular level. After 5 years of survival I am truly understanding this myself. People don't understand because we usually look pretty good on the outside. It is hard to be considered ill when you just don't look it.
I hope you will drop into chat if you see someone in the room, often times people sit in there by themselves to try and spark a conversation. Glad you found us.
Be good to yourself,

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