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any medicine or food for stomach cancer???

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My fathr has got a stomach cancer .
I want to know what kind of food is recommende and what kind of medicine he should take?

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hi, if you are refering to what he can keep down. what helped me was to eat potassium based foods. no fatty foods, no spicey foods and only have natural salts.

tom's wife
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I make my husband milk shakes by using unsweetened cocoa, Splenda, 2% milk and sugar free ice cream. They seem to make him feel better. I use 3 tablespoons of cocoa and 3 tablespoons of Splenda. They make him happy.

tom's wife
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My husband has stomach cancer. He has lost 80 pounds since November, 03. I give me treats like a milkshake made with unsweetened cocao, Splenda, 2% milk and sugar free ice cream. He loves them. He can't have sugar because it makes him sick. He has just started eating small salads and hasn't had trouble with them - he did for the first four months. Just small portions of food - no steak of frozen chicken, it's too dense for him to swallow. Just give your father lots of love and be patient with him. He's going through things you can't understand - I know my husband is so I do whatever I can to make him happy. If he wants to sit and talk about what we used to do and where we jused to go, I listen for hours to the same story sometimes three times in one sitting.

Keep yourself and him happy.
Tom's wife

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I had my stomach removed 3 yrs ago. So far I can't eat greasy foods, too much processed sugar, and I am lactose intolerant. I eat small meals throughout the day. Rice milk seems to work and tastes good too (depending on brand Dream Rice is best). Other than that I eat anything that doesn't eat me first! I know my taste on certain foods has changed some I like before the surgery I do not like now. If I can give you any ideas on what to eat please e-mail me (gfinkbeiner@kc.rr.com)

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