Removal Rt Upper & Mid Lobe

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I am new to site and am 47 yr old female. A nodule was found in my right upper lung in March of 2001. Needle biopsy was inconclusive. On May 3rd, I had surgery, removed upper and mid lobe of right lung - non small cell squamous cell. No lymph involvement, margins clear. I did not have to receive chemo or radiation. I still have soreness and burning/tingling sensations in the right ribcage. At times it feels like a vice on the ribcage, but not all the time. It seems to be worst when the weather is damp and cold. I wonder if it has something to do with the chest tube after surgery. The warmer weather seems to help. However, nothing compared to the first weeks after surgery. I'll be asking my surgeon about this when I see him for my year checkup in 2 weeks. Keep you posted.