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hi iam new and looking for friends

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hi iam new and im looking for friends who have cancer or not iam a three year overian survivor and i know what it was like dealing with overian cancer and also know all the pain and depression came wanna talk need a friend email me thanks

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I am going through my chemo now and have had 4 treatments. I was diagnosed as a Stage IIC. Everything was going well until my blood counts were too low to treat me and then my CA125 was going up instead of down. Naturally I am frightened about what this could mean even though the doctor assured me when we started that everything had been removed. I live alone and my family is far away so I could use a friend who has been where I am going. My personal e-mail is lshaffer@bellsouth.net. I have been communicating with some others who are going through treatment also, so we could all use some friendly support and assurance that life really does return to normal.
Thanks for the support

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Dear Lynn,
I am only 22 years old and had ovarian cancer. Luckily, I have my family and friends to be with me in the hospital and countless doctors visit. I just finished my last treatment a week ago. Trust me I was nausaus and weak, but I feel great now and you will too. I guess you have to go through the bad to get the good. My treatments lasted a week at a time in the hospital in NYC. A friend of mine who had cancer once told me to think of the chemo as little soldiers running through your body fighting the bad army. Try to look at the chemo as your friends, there to help. Don't worry about your count going up, my doctors in New York told me that the count can go up and down during treatments. These doctors know what they are talking about...They are the best in the world at Sloan Kettering. I have faith and am sure you'll pull through. I did, and am healthy and feel great now. Think of everyone here as your family.

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my name is claudia. i will be turning 21 in about three weeks and will be completeing my third month as a survivor. congradulations on your first week. can i ask a few questions? Did yourecieve chemo or radiation? did your hair fall out and if so can you describe it before theraphy. one last question, how did you detect it?

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Dear Lynn,
Life does return to normal! I had stage 111C diagnosed last APril 19th. Then nine cycles of chemo afterward. There were days when I could not see the light at the end of the tunnel, but it was there. I could barely water my flowerpots, and now I am able to do full scale hoeing, weedpulling, etc. all day in my yard. Best wishes!

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Hi Lynn....I also am a Stage IIc!!!I sure hope that you are doing well. I'm a little new to this group of wonderful people, and hope again, that this note finds you still well!!I would love to hear from you!! please take care,.....patti>>>cheermamma@AOL.com

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dear Sassylady, hi there i am new also. need someone to talk to just e mail me.

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hi im new and needing someone to talk too,im here for you and going through the same stuff..

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