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Hi new person here....

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Hi my name is Christina and I was dignosed with osteosarcoma at the age of 12. I am now 19 very healthy, married, and with child. I wanted to be here so that anyone who has been dignosed would have someone to talk to who has already been through the same stuff, or for people who just have questions. I hope that I can help some of the people here. Sincerely,

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Hi Christina, where was your bone cancer? I just finished a few months ago with treatments, I had osteosarcoma as well; mine was in my tibia, and I was extremely active before all of this happend, and the adjustment is hard to cope with, not being able to do a lot of the things I loved. Currently I'm in college, using a walker and brace, and I know that in a year or little more I won't have to use assistance all the time, but I'll not be able to go back to my passion soccer, or running. How did you cope after treatments?

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Hi Somer, I had two battles with that bone eater..lolMy cancer was in my femur above the knee. I had a limb salvage procedure during the first round but relapsed and then had my leg removed at the hip. I understand about the adjustments and the inconviences that you are now going thru. Stay focused on the things you can do and not what you cant. With determination and faith in God you can succeed in anything. My email is MsDeltaRebel@aol.com

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Hi Christina, and all members. I am also new here, and I'm not very experienced in using message boards. So I don;t know where to put my first post.

I was recently diagnosed with Myelofibrosis, and considering my age 69, I fear very little can be done for me.

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Where was your cancer? which bone?

How long did it take you to adjust to your new life style? I had Osteo- in my tibia, so it's really slowed me down and coping with it is hard, how did you deal with it? what do you feel helped you most?

Thanks, and I hope you are still in good health and happiness.

God Bless You.


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Hi Christina, My name is DeAnna and my 18 year old son Justin was just diagonsed with Osteosacroma. The tumor is just below his right knee. He is receiving chemo for the next two months then will have an above knee amputation in March. We are very nervous about all of this if you have any words of widsom we would deeply appreciate it. God bless you.

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Re,justinr,hi,im a lymphoma battler, who was diognosed 23yrs ago at age 17.Since that time i have had 5 reoccurances, this one at the moment is in my left leg and is into the marrow ,so they were saying that i could loose my leg.Over the years i have had chemo,which i reacted really badly to,and heaps of radiation.they told me that my liver will not handle any further chemo,so i have decided to go with an alternative treatment, created by a Dr william,donald kelley.I dont believe treatment in this country(australia)is any where near as good as in the states,so at least you are in the best hands.I really panicked when they said i may loose my leg,the feelings were on par with when i was first diognosed.You are definatly in the right place for support, at least these people know what they are talking about as they have been through the same sort of things,I think its great therapy and great support.I hope things get a little easier for you soon and i wish you and your son all the best,god bless you and keep you strong, loads of prayers from oz..jim.atkins@bigpond.com

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