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Emotional stress

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I have had colon cancer was operated on and received 25 radiation treetments and I feel that I will be allright but I feel alone I act funny and my wife also seems to not handle it I really don't seem to know what to do, if anyone feels the same way contac me on this at Calvin5734 or on the Email at Lameduck One@aol.com
Thank you and God Bless

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Boy did you hit it. I too have changed dramatically and am more touchy, feely, hug, touch, hold hands and sensititve and my wife just can't handle the change. We had a sit down discussion and I promised to not be as "smoothering".
Keep in touch.

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Hi Calvin. When I was recovering from my bone marrow transplant (I had CML 6 years ago), my family had some trouble dealing with it as well. I guess what they needed to know was that I would be okay. During the early part of my convalescing stage, I had to wear a surgical mask when I around other people. A lot of people felt a bit put off by it because it probably made them feel unsanitary. It's basically an ego thing and a very human reaction. They usually felt better when I kept a positive attitude about everything and, in doing so, also became supportive. It's hard for a person to see their loved one go through what we go through because they feel so powerless in regards to how they could help us make it better. I know that I would be if the shoe was on the other foot. Feel free to send me an e-mail at this site. Hope that everything works out well for and may the LORD GOD be with you always. Sincerely, Angel7296

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