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Surgical Resection

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I am seeking information about after effects of gastric resection surgery. I have had the surgery removing the upper fourth of my stomach and two thirds of my esophagus to remove an adenocarcinoma tumor at the gastric-esophageal junction. This was nine months ago. In the last couple of months I have developed a good deal of difficulty with cramps and pain after eating. All tests indicate that I am currently cancer free. Has anyone else experienced this? Will this improve or resolve itself? I am trying to find out the cause of the cramps and pain and what can be done to alleviate this.

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I also have had stomache cancer and the only test that shows the cancer is a gastric endoscopy. All other tests were negative, but the scope showed the reoccurrance of the cancer in my esophagus after 2 years without indications of reoccurance..Good luck!!!

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Dear titusjb,
Did you also have the resection surgery? How often did you have the endoscope done to screen? I have had three endoscopes since my surgery but the primary purpose was to dilate my esophagus due to the very tight condition that developed from the healing and post surgical scar tissue. Had major problems with swallowing. What is your course of action now that it has reoccured in your esophagus after your initial diagnosis of stomach cancer two years ago. I just completed my treatments about three months ago and go for another followup to the doc in the middle of June. That is the toughest thing for me right now is to just get on with life rather than dwelling on whether or not the cancer is going to return. Best wishes and good luck to you too.

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