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What to Bring to Hospital

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Staging procedure next week. I am a little crazy about it, so I am focusing my energy on packing. I would love any ideas on "must haves" that I may not have thought about. Anything else?

Here are some of the things that I came up with:

big soft towel/washcloth
bathroom sundries
favorite pillow, blanket
heating pad
disposable panties
short cotton robe/slippers
note card with phone numbers
roll of quarters
insurance card
big p.j. pants and t-shirt to wear home
hair bobbles
hard candy
insulated mug
lip balm
tissues (my brand)

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One thing you might want to have when you come home is some type of stool softener (over-the-counter). I used them for 2 weeks afterwards to help from causing any straining on those sutures. This was recommended in a web site called "hystersisters". It really helped me! Good Luck,

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Dear Sister,

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Dear Sister,

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Dear Sister:

Sorry I tried twice to get this message done correctly, so I will try again. It sounds like you have a great list. I would suggestion that you take along a jounal or tablet in which you or your friends and family can make notations of events, names, tests and hopefully results. Make sure that you use a piece of strong string or use that sticky stuff (sorry chemo brain) to keep your pencil or pen attached to your journal.
Keep it by your bedside.
Good luck and my prayers are with you. I will tell you that I am a stage 4 survivor of 2 years and 3 mos.
Lets kill the beast!

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WEll, my treatments lasted for five days, so I suggest lollypops and gum. Gum helped me get rid of the metalic taste that the chemo left in my mouth. Whatever you bring, do not bring any food. I made that mistake the first time, my sister brought some peanut butter bars that I ate my first treatment without realizing the effect the chemo would have. The thought of peanut butter anything makes me sick. Five months later and I still cant eat it. I didn't even want people to eat in front of me. Don't be shy to ask them to leave the room when they eat...trust me. Ohh, one more thing, try to keep the window open in the hospital room. Fresh air feels great and made me feel ten times better. The stuffy hospital air is terrible. Good Luck!

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The two things I found most comforting were my Discman and some relaxing CDs -- to drown out the scary hospital noises -- and a stuffed animal to hug when my sister wasn't with me.

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