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re: upcoming chemo

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I had chemo, 4 rounds AC, Zofran was a wonder drug for me. I had no nausea at all. Take your meds as directed. I had anti nausea meds 1/2 before treatment and took Zofran for 2 days following chemo. Worked like a charm for me. I had terrible mouth sores, but I had my doctor give me prescriptions for "magic Mouthwash". Swished with it 4x a day, helped relieve. Use a real soft toothbrush and don't brush real hard. Ice pops feel great, drink and drink water. My taste buds went crazy, craved salty foods, which was terrible with mouth sores!!!Good luck, god bless. You will get through this. carol

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The magic mouthwash is GREAT for the mouth sores!!! I used it all the time. As for the nausea, I had trouble with the first nausea drug he gave me (starts with a c I think) ... wanted to rip my own skin off, but he switched me to ativan which worked wonders for the nausea and the insomnia. Good luck with it all and God bless, Angie

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