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Blood Test "Tumor Marker"

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I finished treatment 1 1/2 years ago. I go
ever three months for blood work. This last
week I have found out that my blood test
spiked. I have had to retake it. Has any one else had this experience? I would really like to talked to someone about this.

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I do hope you find the help you need and some comfort in the experiences that others have to share here. I think you can feel some sense of security because they are watching so closely. I think many of us have had questionable cells in paps and some have had other cysts grow on healthy breasts after being treated. Most of these are negative for cancer cells but a disruption to our ability to cope with all we must. I think you will find as I have, women with so much to share and finally a place that truly understands and has the ability to deal with the negativity along with the positive becoming whole and complete once again through the process.
Be good to yourself always,

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Hi, dear, I have not personally had that happen, but I am on a site at AOL and a lady had the same thing and it scared her to death. After much testing it was decided that what she had was a new drug for something else had caused the spike. I guess lots of things affect that test. Try not to worry, you are in our prayers! Shirlann

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Thanks for the good word. Test next week to see whats happening. I am scared to death. I am having trouble couping this time. Lots going on in my life. I need to think positively. It doesn't seem to matter how many people I have around me, I feel alone.
I am giving God a work out on this one. Thanks again, ohart

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