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Multiple Myeloma Treatment

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My husband (48) was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in January of this year. He has stage III. They are wanting to place a hickman cath tomorrow and start him on VAD treatment. He previously was taking the chemo pills. He has a 45% retraction rate as far as his heart and his lung capacity is only 52%. They then want to do the stem cell transplant next month. Has any one been through this or has any knowledge as to the effects and outcome when you already have two organs not working as well as they should!! The doctors tell us that is they would have done all of this the end of January as planned, he would be gone now! He had CHF the end of January!! Now they say we need to just take the chance - hoping that it prolongs his life!!

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Hi Sherrill, My husband David has been corresponding with you regarding his myeloma treatment. I would be happy to share anything I could to help you through the next phase of your husband's treatment. I know Dave missed most of 2001 because of being so sick so most of his memory comes from me. However, all the treatments were well worth it. I look forward to hearing from you.

Shirley Readyhough

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my hubby is 48, had vad and in the next few weeks will be have an allogeneic bone marrow transplant (donor). waiting for all tests to come back to say that he is otherwise "healthy" enough to tolerate the bmt. this sounds so cold, what i just wrote.it's hard to cry in text.

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Hi Sherrill
I am 56 years old and was diagnosed with MM a year ago April 9th. I can only tell you my experiences as we are all different.
According to the Doc. I was in excellent shape and they immediately put me on a 3 or 4 course treatment of VAD which I did with very few side effects. I will say that every month when I came off the dexamethazone I was really tired and would sleep for a day or two. I then had a stem cell transplant last Sept. In my case it went very well. I didn't have any mouth sores or shingles or really any of the side effects they said I should expect. I did have diarrea (sp) and some vomiting but I was able to tolorate it fairly well. I was in the hospital at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, for 3 weeks. When I got out I felt miserable and was dehydrated and had to go in everyday to get hydrated. I then developed a bacterial infection called clostridium defocile which I must admit was a trip to hell. Diarrea, vomitting and a temp of 104. Don't mean to scare you but if you know about it maybe it can be headed off at the pass. The amazingly good thing is I am now in a remission, feel great and have returned to masters ski racing, running and other activities I have always enjoyed. I recognize that your husbands case is different but get several opinions and go for it. There arn't alot of options. If you like, feel free to email me at sperrins1@aol.com God Speed

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I have had 2 stem cell transplants. I was diagnosed in Nov '97. I no longer do any chemo per se. I take Thalidomide 200 mg every day. I have been working every since and just recently retired this month (Jan 2004). The first time I had the stem cell transplant, I did not know what it was and was terrified. The second time it was a piece of cake, so to say. I am considered stage 3 with reoccurence and aggressive cancer. My best advice to anyone about to have a stem cell transplant is to ask a lot of questions. Read up on it and be prepared. If more information is needed, please email me at any time. I wish they would do another stem cell transplant on me but they say it is too dangerous. My doctor allowed me to bring my computer to the hospital and that kept me busy and up to date.

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