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Diagnosed with Lung Cancer this Feb.

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I am a 66 yr old male, also have very bad emphysema in both lungs, Cancer was detected in my left lung in Feb. by x-rays and CT,
We dont know if its small cell or non,
they want to perform a Biopsy to find out,
my question is this: having lived a pretty full life aready, is all these tests and treatments worth the additional pain to me and false hope for my family really worth it all......I am content to just let nature run its course and live every day until the end.

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my dad is 64 years old and was also diagnosed with small ell lung cancer in hi lft lung. it as a fairly large tumor 6 to 6.5 centimeters. luckily it had not spread to the bones or brain. he has now undergone 3 chemo treatments 3 days each and is still in radiation therapy. x-ray at this point indicate the tumor is gone!!!! another ct is scheduled after the radiation is completed in a couple of wks.

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Dear Sir, I believe you have just answered your own question. There is something to be said of the quality of life. That is not to say that you can't beat this thing. I too have small cell lung cancer, I'm 27 but I refuse to listen to statistics. Good Luck and God bless you. Cindy

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A biopsy is not painful. You will not feel anyhting befor or after the biopsy. If you should need and go through an operation, then there will be some pain after the operation lasting about 2-3 weeks but lessening evry day. After the thrird week you should feel some discomfort but not real pain. That's how it worked for me. I'm not trying to be funny but I have honestly had worst pain ( toothache) than the pain from the operation when they removed a lung. Is it worth it? That is for you to decide. If the decision is having some pain for 2-3 weeks and possibly live another 5 years or more, I will go through the pain. Good luck to you. Remember, a biopsy is not painfull.

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I am new to this site just diagnosed this past week and having a lung biopsy next Tuesday. I am scared stiff. I was so encouraged to read your message about the biopsy, thanks it gave me courage.

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Hi Mary,I was diagnosed six months ago with nonsmall cancer cell,I too was scared to the point that I was going to not go to my Biopsy but thanks to my Darling Wife I went,and yes you don't feel a thingall the test not one can I say it hurt,non did.Its boring your waiting for the pain and than all of sudden they tell you their done.So don't worry it'll be all right,My mother-in law just got the great news, they took all kinds of tests on her thinking she had stomach cancer and it all came back today and it was negative she is clean just some bleeding ulcers.Well take care and go for any tests,I'm thanking my wife every day for making me go,now I'm on my seventh chemo and feel a whole lot better,good luck and god bless.

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My mom was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer this past Valentine's day. It had already spread to the brain and liver.
After she and our family have assisted in treatment and hospice care for her parents, a brother and my dad, she was not looking forward to participation in a process of torture and pain. They have done MRIs, CT scans, a bone marrow biopsy in her hospital room with me holding her hand, and a lung biopsy, along with 15 radiation treatments to her head and now she is on her second three day round of mega-chemo every 3 weeks.
Mom has decided that with every new procedure, she will try it once and if its too much, then she will stop. We have not had any experience thus far that has made her stop.
She, too, has had a full life and it appears that there is more to come, however long that may be. Every day we wake up and have coffee together, we have hope for that day and the hope is that it will be a good day. We have not been disappointed yet. Nature will run its course whether or not you intervene. Even with treatment you should live everyday until the end. We all hope to be winners, sometimes we lose anyways, but don't forfeit the game all together.
Good luck to you and yours.

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I am a little younger than you but this does not matter. I had upper left lung recection of my left lung on 08/14/00 due to a spot that they couldn't get access to biopsy. Two different doctors thought it to be benine granduloma. It turned out to be small cell carcoma and the entire left upper lobe was removed. I then received six months of chemo which ended in 03/01. There were some trying times but each second of those trying times was worth it. Because I have relized how important each second of life is and want to give my family as many of them as possible. Don't give up.

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