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my father

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My father has cancer in the blood and I'm not sure what its called. He has to go through shots three days a week in his disabled back. He has to take so many vitamins and pills. He even goes blind in one eye once in a great while. I try to make him laugh because he is always saying he won't see me graduate in two years. I try not to agravate him but I don't know what to do sometimes. He might have gotten his cancer from the Vietnam war through Agent Orange. He says when it proves so my two sisters and I will get some money because he won't be alive much longer. I tell him he will. He started off with pollups in his back but they soon popped or something and the cancer went into his blood. We don't have alot of money so he doesn't have great insurance, only medicare. Its really hard, espically seeing your father, the one whos spossed to be there for you, to be strong for you, cry and suffer.

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