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Health Insurance

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I lost my job of 12 years last March. I have not been able to find work since then, and have been paying a very hefty COBRA payment every month which will expire September 1 of this year. I have heard that it is virtually impossible to get health insurance coverage if you have a history of cancer. Does anyone know about this or have any suggestions? Do you know of any insurance companies that work with survivors? I am 4 years out from my dx and no signs of a recurrence so far. Thanks!

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Hi Angie, I recently changed insurance carriers. When I changed I had no questions about pre-existing conditions, but I also ask them, I rang/spoke to about 8 companies and they all said the same. I hope this helps. Take care

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Hi Angie,

My husband is a health insurance salesman, so I know a little about this. Since your are on COBRA, there is a new law called the HIPA law which says that an insurance company must cover you coming off of COBRA with no pre-existing, but the premiums are outrageous. I am also going to be coming off COBRA this year and right now we are looking around for a carrier. What state do you live in? We are in Virginia. If you need anymore help e-mail me at Ritch@peoplepc.com . I will be glad to help in anyway I can. First I will pray that you find a job that has benefits with at least 20 or more employees and then you don't have to worry about pre-existing. We will help you in anyway we can, just let me know.

God Bless,

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I think you need to find a way to be eligible under a group plan. That will probably be by finding a job that has healthcare benefits. I was in a similar position as you and was quoted $2,400/mo for coverage for my husband and me if we got an individual policy. It's that high because I had breast cancer. My husband's high blood pressure does not make the premium higher, just my BC!!! Fortunately, before my COBRA ran out I discovered I was eligible for a retiree's group plan as part of the severance package from a company I was laid off from in 1998. We're using that now, and pay less than $400/mo. Both of us have our own businesses now so we aren't covered thru our jobs.
Good luck to you. This should not be an issue, it's just plain awful that in such a rich country folks have to suffer through the stress of finding affordable health insurance after they've been through the stress of the dx and treatment!

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