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Found lump

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Hi there,
This is my second time writing to you all.. There is so much info and encouraging people.. It's so hard to talk to someone that is not going thru what we are.. So it's so nice I can really relate to you all. I had a ultra sound and mamo this past week.. The surgeon said nothing was found. But have this lump at least 4 cm.. And it really hurts alot.. Has anybody had this same feeling? My surgeon said alot of women with cancer said it doesn't hurt.. But there has been quite alot with pain.. So that's why we are going to have it taken out.. Since I recently was diagnosed with Thymoma cancer..Had my surgery on Nov 15th. And just needed radiation and was done on March 15th.. So all kinds of things are going thru my mind that the cancer has spread..I'm trying to think positive..So what do I do next?

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It is true that pain is not usually a symptom of cancer but I can tell you that when I found my first lump it is because it was painful and continued to be painful. I had a second lump grow ina week in my armpit and even then doctors didn't feel it could be cancer. I had a doctor press on the lump and felt because I didn't winse with pain that I was joking. Instead the pain was so deep it was pressing on nerves no wonder it was so painful. Think about how tender the breast area is and it is interesting how so many lumps don't hurt. Mine too were not found on mammagram or usual tests. Needle biopsies on both lumps proved cancer and the first lump I found had now spread, even though I did have first lump looked at by two doctors. The specialist at the time only saw a healthy woman well built and not sick. There for he dx fibrous cycst and go on your merry way, so I did. Six months later I was so ill I couldn't function and stage 3 with lymphnode involvement my reward. I was 36 at the time and now am a 5 years survivor. I too hope that you will be spared the harshness of this disease. You are in good company and you too will find how much we all care about each other. Hope to chat with you sometime, email anytime.
Be good to yourself,

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I just wanted to tell you I just read your story in your bio with tears of joy!! I had a similar situation with the doctor, and I had felt my lump for a good eight months with him reassuring me it was just fiberous. That was my first mistake, and the thought that always still enters my mind on whyyyyy I didnt push with my gut instead of those words I wanted to hear!! I am so glad you are doing so well, it makes me smile just to hear the stories while I am still in the middle of my treatments!
Thanks for sharing,

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Boy, we could write a book. I was told for 2 years it was nothing and since I wanted to believe it, I lost that valuable time! The only good lump is in a jar and if I had walked out that docs door and into another clinic I could have saved myself a lot of grief! Oh well, I am still here! Hugs and kisses, Shirlann

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