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recurring ovarian cancer

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my name is tina and i was first diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 1992. I have had 3 reocurrences and am currently starting a new round of chemo. I was wondering if any one has had problems with reactions with chemotherapy drugs.

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I am in my first round of chemo and have experienced a few of the side effects
always talked about. Nausea, which has by and large been controlled by compazine, tingling in arms and feet, and general tiredness. Naturally I have lost
most of my hair and my eyebrows. I have also had some problem with mouth sores which has been controlled with "magic mouthwash". I consider myself lucky in most respects that the side effects have not, as yet, been too severe.
I have however just experienced a delay in my treatment due to my blood counts
and had earlier contracted a blood clot which has affected me more than the
actual cancer psychologically. I live alone and this makes it really difficult at
times to exist in a positive mode. Please know that wonderful things are happening everyday in this field and I would be more than willing to have a
"pen pal" if you need one. Good Luck!!
Lynn K

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dear lynn k
thank you for writting back and would very much like to be a pen pal. i know that this is something that it takes a strong person to overcome this disease. i would like to keep in touch with you so feel free to e-mail me back at tyoung @springnet1.com.

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I am 15+ months cancer-free. Am I waiting for the ball to drop or do I simply believe it will never return? I have one of my three-month checkups at the end of this month. Wish I didn't have to go so often. I had a dream last night where my regular doctor was on vacation and I had a substitute doctor. He didn't give me any tests or check me or anything. I was very frustrated and told him I'm supposed to be checked!

Hope you are doing well. Take care. Dreamdove

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Hi Tina, During my 1st session for a combo of carboplatin/taxofere I had a reaction immediately to the taxofere. They stopped the IV, gave me benedryl, then a steroid to counter attack the taxofere. They started the IV drip again, and I didn't have any further problems. The night before treatment & that am I take oral steroids to prevent further reactions. The reaction I had happened within 3 min and it was itching, red face and shortness of breath. If you do have this drug administered, the staff told me it's not common to have reactions. I hope you don't have any complications at all! Good Luck, Sue

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I had taxol and carbo platnum the first time, then had a 17 month break. It made me exhausted and pains in my bones. I took taxitiere ( cousin to taxol) and carbo again, and became alergic to the carbo platnum. Took a 12 month break then back to taxitere. I have had doxil, and 3 others besides at different times. My breaks now have only been 4 months and believe it or not I am on the carbo platnum but at a very slow drip, once every 3 weeks. It takes about 8 hours. They found those who were alergic to the carbo, if they get at slow drip it works without being alergic and for me it has. My count in May was 14,000 and now is 6500. Its going down and when it reaches below 100 I will again take a break. Sometimes the high count just means your tumor or tumors are giving off fatty cells and makes it high. I am weak and tired a lot. But every time I get some energy I go do things. Family and Friends and Friends like all of you keep me going. And whether I live 1 year or 30 years I hope my case helps others. My doctor said I am unusual. I believe attitude and faith have a lot to do with it. My husband gave me alot of his strength of his spirtit. He passed away 3 years ago of lung cancer. But he told me I am strong and will keep going especially for our sons who are in their twenties. I think ovarian should get more recollection too. They don't say enough about it. I have had known cancer since 2002 and probably had it before then. I have cancer but it doesn't have me. And until the good Lord takes me I will be here for whoever and to listen and support. My email is sandell51@yahoo.com.
God Bless All Of You and have faith.
Sandy Green age 50

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