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Opinions on Dr. Burzynski-Antineoplastons

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A close relative is considering alternative cancer treatment in Houston with this Doctor. If anyone has anything to say, good or bad, I would love to have informed opinions to relate to my relative. I appreciate anything about this subject matter.Thank you!

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did your relative have any success with this. I have primary bone cancer (osteosarcoma) and trying to find out more about his clinic

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The Burzynski is highly regarded and in fact
the U.S. government is working with him in
stage III clinical trials with his antineoplastin

His medical center in Houston is a good option
for most people with cancer who want to try
other options

best of luck

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I know of another alternative cancer clinic in Georgia that comes highly recommended. I've heard of Dr.Burzynski but don't know that much about him. If anyones interested in the information on the Georiga clinic I can email the information with some background on the head Doc.

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You may be interested in information about this topic on the American Cancer Society website at http://www.cancer.org/docroot/ETO/content/ETO_5_3X_Antineoplaston_Therapy.asp?sitearea=ETO.

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