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new to this, thought i'd check it out

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hi, my name is tabitha and i'm 16 almost 17. I found out i had thyroid cancer before my 16th birthday. it turned my world upside down. i've had 3 surgeries and an iodine treatment which i had to stay at the hospital by myself for 2 days over thanksgiving weekend. I thought it would be nice to meet people of any age that knows what it's like and learn how they dealt with it. I hope to make some friends who know where i come from with this. Thanks!

Posts: 6
Joined: Apr 2002

Hi Tabitha! Im not your age but Im relatively close. Im 24. I havent been "offically" diagnosed with thyroid cancer. I just receieved abnormal result a couple of weeks ago. Because I had fibroabnomas in 1995 and last Aug., I have no thyroid gland. The tissue of this new nodulue is in my lymph nodes so if I do have it--it has spread. Doctors are currently starving the area from the synthroid I need to function. Regardless of if it IS thyroid cancer or not I would love to correspond with you. I had cancer in '86 at the age of 9 and in '92 at 15. Although the cancer was ovarian (dysgerminoma), I know a lot about fears cancer raises in the mid-late teen years and about how to deal with it. Right now I am facing a very possible second and/or third type of cancer (breast cancer)--I had an abnormal result on that scan as well. My ovarian cancer has been cured though--well, as much as can be said as I celebrate anniversary number 17 from diagnosis in Oct and anniversary number 10 from relapse the next month. Please email me at andreat6777@hotmail.com. I would love to talk with you as I have spent some holidays in the hospital myself and wouldn't you know it--I was 15-16 years old at the time! I wish you good luck regardless of if you write to me or not.

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