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Recently diagnosed with Extra Ovarian Primary Peritoneal

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Was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer, however, after surgery which was a complete hysterectomy and removal of omentum, it was concluded I had extra ovarian primary peritoneal. I'm finding that it is not as rare as I originally thought. I'm 6 weeks post surgery and starting my 3rd session of chemo. Would love to hear from anyone out there who could share a similar story. Also, I am trying a very rigid diet (vegan, no refined sugars, etc)to help my chances. Is anyone else out there following a special diet as well? Hope to hear from someone.

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I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in Dec., 2001. and have had 4 out of my 6 chemo treatments. My stage was IIC. I am not doing anything special in my diet other than
trying to maintain my appetite and keep everything as nutritionally beneficial as possible. My next treatment is supposed to be Monday, the 8th, but I'm waiting on my blood report to see if my white count is up enough. I know this is not unusual, but I have felt really good this week and have been
isolated due to concern of infection. It seems like its always something. That is why
I'm finding this site because I live alone and don't have anyone to talk to. Good luck
with your treatment.

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I am getting ready to start a diet also. I have been reading up on alternative medicine also. Iam going to follow a diet which you eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and no sugars or fats.You cut out alot of things like deep fried foods,coffee, chocolate and eat alot of dark green vegetable, carrots and alot other fruits that are good cancer fighters. I am also going to start taking certain vitamins. If you like more info e-mail me back would love to keep in touch to see how this is working for both of us.

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Hi, Thanks for the reply! It sounds like your diet is very similar. I'm taking good daily multiple vit plus 20,000 U of Vit C, plus an extra Vit A, E, calcium, & CQ-10. I have my 1st CA-125 run tomorrow when I start my next round of chemo. Hopefully the count will be down. The diet makes me feel I'm being as pro-active as I can towards fighting this nasty thing! Where are you in the process of your fight? I hope you are doing well. Sue

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Dear Sue1:
What is Extra Ovarian Primary Peritineal Cancer? I have never heard of that. Can you explain? Thanks, new user, Wendy

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Hi Sue. I was diagnosed w ovarian cancer in May 2003- they did a hysterectomy and found that the omentum was involved too- removed much of the omentum and said chemo would handle the remnants. Started a 3x a month chemo treatment which will be frm 6mos. to a yr long. My CA125 before surgery was 304, and as of 2 weeks ago it is 78.I have lost 52 lbs since the start of the chemo but am not on a special diet. I'm sure it is the result of the chemo reducing the fluids and a 2 wk long bout w a intestinal bacteria infection. any questions or discussion would be welcome. Thanks

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