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Long-term hair loss

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I had my 2-year survival anniversary on Mar 1 2002 (yeah!). I am still suffering from hair loss due to chemo. I have tried the Nioxin products and have checked with my oncologist who says that she has never seen hair that has refused to grow back as mine has. My first chemo round was adriamycin/cytoxin and the second round was taxotere. Has anyone else had this problem? Any possible solutions other than wigs? Thanks for the help.

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I am sorry and suprises to hear about your hair. I had the exact same drugs. I finished chemo April 2001 ... took my wig off August 2001. My hair started growing back when I switched from AC to Taxotere. Did you have slow growing or thin hair prior to your treatments? Do you take the wigs off when at home? I only wore my wig or a hat out in public ... I felt like my head needed to breath. Do you have some hair? An inch or so? I bought vitamins for hair, nails, and skin ... but it's pretty much a multi vitamin. I sure do wish you luck ... let us know what happens. Jamie

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I wish you all the best and hope they are able to help you get the hair going again. I am concerned because I have just finished 4 treatments of adriamycin/cytoxin and am about to start radiation. I am waiting for my hair to start growing which they said would start the end of last month. All I see so far is some fuzz and feel some stubble but I don't see all of the folicles starting back like I expected. If things don't start back pretty soon I will be interested to know what help you are able to find. I too hate the wig and opt for a knit hat thing most of the time. I will touch base with you again and see what you have to say. Take care and I wish you all the best.

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So glad you are a survivor. Wonderful to get to that anniversery. I know I was all those years ago. I too am on Taxotere after Adriamycin (for recurrence) so hope that my hair grows back. I am so sick of being hairless. I hope they find a cure for you as I may need it if I get the same problem. Keep in touch. Love & hugs.

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