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Hot flashes

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I'm new to the group. I'm struggling with hot flashes. I was on HRT until last August when I found out that I had DCIS. They did a mastectomy and a tran flap reconstruction. Everything went great, no chemo, radiation or Tomixofin. Just these hot flashes and other symptoms related to menopause. Any suggestions?

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Great news for you! I'm unsure of what DCIS,my 1st dx was insitu carcinoma but the 2nd opinion docs radiologist found invasive. I had a mod rad mast w/ a sentinel node biopsy & no node involvement, no chemo or rads just 20mg of tamoxifen. Which instantly started hot flashes/power surges......lol.

Any HRT is out of the question now. I take bee pollen 580mg to help w/ the flashes but if your ER/PR positive they suggest you stay away from even phyto-estrogens; black cohosh, soy,flax seed-etc. I have some books I can look for more info.

May I inquire of your tram, I'm debating on one after my 5 years are up.
Hope this has helped....good luck.
God Bless

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I decided to do the mastectomy and reconstruction all at the same time - one operation rather than two. Dr. Susan Downey did the reconstruction at USC medical hospital. They are associated with Kenneth Norris Cancer Hospital in LA. I had heard horrow stories about the tram flap and how painful it was. Dr. Downey used a new technique. The "On Que" system is a new proceedure. It is a small pump which administers a constant dose of pain killer directly into the incision for the 5 days I was in the hospital. This made all the difference in the world. I had no trouble standing up after the surgery, I really had no pain to speak of. I got along really well. I would do it again if I had to make the choice over. If you are anywhere in the Los Angeles area I would highly recommend her. I live in the Palm Springs area but went there anyway. Since all my cancer was contained in the ducts and it hadn't gotten out I had no other treatment. If you have other questions let me know. You could also email me at ljacobus12@aol.com

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Hi! I,too, had DCIS in Sept.00. I had a mastectomy and immed. tramflap reconstruction. It was no where as bad as I expected. I also had constant drip morphine for 2 days and felt pretty good. I was out of bed in 2 days and immed. went and washed my hair bent over the sink. It wasn't comfortable but definitely not painful. I was back to work and tennis in 7 weeks(I do heavy lifting so couldn't return to work sooner). I am uncomfortable in my abdomen now due to the tightness but if I had to do it again, I would do the same thing. Feel free to e-mail me here or at RPT1206@aol.com. Good luck! HUGS!! Cathy

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