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Lymphdema and Thromophelbitis

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March/April 2001 -Breast Cancer Stage II, Left Arm, Sentinel Node Biopsy, 6 nodes removed - Negative. 4 cycles Chemo, 6.5 weeks radiation. At the end of radiation I developed thromobphlebitis of the superfacial veins on my left side. This is characterised by thick ropey veins that usually can be seen under the arm. It includes sharp pains that seem to move in the breast, underarm and shoulder. Plus, I more recently have started to develop lymphedema. Has anyone else had this, seen this? Karen Mc-Chgo

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Hi there I also had breast cancer with nodes removed. Mine were pos. I have had a time with lymphedema and now I have an ulcer that has come up on my arm. Am not sure yet what they are going to do about it but was told if it got an infection in it I was in real trouble.

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Hi Karen:
I'm Joyce and also had Stage II breast cancer in my left breast. I went through a mastectomy in left, reconstruction and right side reduction. I'm getting ready to take my 6th chemo (taxol) treatment of a total of 8 (4 were adriamycin/cytoxin). I was doing fine until I broke my foot (not cancer related) on Dec. 21 of 2001. I had to use crutches and we think the crutch under my left arm triggered lymphedema. I go to PT and do manual massages everyday. I don't think I can return to work because when I type too long (even this message)my arm aches. I've never heard of thromobphlebitis. Are you going to a Physical Therapist? I think my lymphedema gets me down more than anything else. I'm going today to try to get on Disability. I'm 50 yo and have always worked so this is very hard for me. How knowledgeable is your Doc? Most health care professional don't know much about this.

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