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cancer at early age

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Wow What a great group of people. I have just found this web page and I was the one asking about hot flashes. I got a lot of sugestions but I have tried them all. My doctor told me to stay away from anything that will make my body to produce estrogen like black cohosh, soy products ect. I am taking 150mg of effexor but the problem with that is I have just gotten married for the first time and effexor + hystorectomy= 0 sex drive. so I am now trying clonidine and it is working some.
Like I stated in my first message I was dignosed in August of 1999 my tumor was 4cm and I had 17 postive nodes out of 25. I got my results from my last lab work and chest xray yesterday and there is still no sign of cancer. I have another question I need to ask. Due to the farmers feeding cows and chickens hormones, do you feel this is causing cancer? Like I said I was 35 when I was dignosed and not scheduled to have a mamagram for anther 5 years. I believe we should be screening women at a early age, due do more and more women is having cancer at an earlier age. what do you think? Hope to hear from all of you again. when I learn how to navigate through this web site I will be more active in discussions. wanda

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I am like you, I was diagnosed at a young age. I was only 24 at diagnosis almost one year ago. I am still cancer free, but still in treatment. I don't know anything about the farmers feeding the chickens and things hormones. I hope that you are doing well. I just had a hysterectomy 6 weeks ago and so far the clonidine patch is doing great for me. Hope that all is going well!


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hey wanda...i was diagnosed with cancer about your age and had never had a mammogram. i wish i had had one earlier. if i had waited for a mammogram diagnosis, my cancer would have been far too advanced. but i wanted to let you know what i am doing in the meat area. i am not taking any chances as my cancer has returned, so i am not eating any beef or chicken that is not organic (which we get from a health store near our home) and i am not consuming any milk products. since not consuming these things, my tumor markers have been going down each time. (we are doing a lot of other things, too). it's a very easy thing i can do that is proactive and has had positive results for me. take care wanda and God bless...april

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