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Breast Cancer in Bones

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I was diagnose with Breast cancer 8 months age and the cancer had moved to my spine. As the cancer was not diagnosed early I ended up with 3 breaks in my back. I underwent radiation and am currently on clodrante. I was in the hospital for 3 weeks due the the back breaks and underwent a lumpectomy. I have not been able to find anyone who has had this type of cancer and would really like to hear from anyone who may have survive this ordeal.

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Dear Marilyn:
I, too, have bone mets (cancer that spread to my spine and other bones from my breast cancer). I was diagnosed in May of 2000. I have one fracture on the curve of my hip, but luckily no spinal fractures have occured. I have not had radiation, but I had 6 months of two different chemos - one was Taxotere and the other Taxol. I have also been on Herceptin since then; as well as Aredia which is specifically for the bones--to strengthen and repair them from damage done. It has worked really well so far.
If you have more questions, please feel free to ask - I will try to answer as best as I can. There are a few other ladies on this site with bone mets, also. Good luck, and may God bless you.
Hugs and prayers,

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Hi my name is Sylvia. I have had breast cancer since Oct. 1988. I had a mastectomy in Jan. 1989 and then 6 courses of the chemo CMF. In Jan. 1993 I was diagnosed with bone mets to my spine. I was put on Tamoxifn. In Jan. 1996 I turned in bed and broke a rib so I underwent 10 days of radiation in one day. They said that is what works best with ribs. They decided the tamoxifin was no longer working and they put me on megace which is another homonal therapy. I also get Aridia intervenously once a month. In Dec. 2000 They found a malignant tumor under my mastectomy arm and I underwent radiation for severe pain in both my hips from the bone mets. The radiation did what it was supposed to the pain is completely gone. In Feb. 2001 they found mets in my liver and put me on the chemo Taxol. After three months I had a cat scan and it showed the tumor in my liver got larger so they put me on the chemo AC. In june of 2001 through a routine MRI they found a fracture in my lower back so I went through radiation again. I just finished chemo Jan. 18 of this year. I also underwent radiation to the bone in the back of my neck in Sept. 1996 because of pain in that area due to the bone mets. They tell me bone mets is a slow growing cancer. I have had it since 1993 and I am still walking, talking, seeing, and hearing. I consider myself A long time cancer surviver. I would be glad to answer any questions you might have. Good luck and God bless Sylvia

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hey marilyn...i was diagnosed with metastasis in dec. of 2001. it is in my skull, spine, right arm, left shoulder and left leg. i began treatment in jan of this year, and despite being given only 6 months to live am breaking all the odds. i have not missed a day of work and do not fill sick (except on chemo days). we'll keep in touch and God bless you...april

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Dear Marilyn
I had BC 21 years ago & now have it in my spine, ribs, pelvis & femurs. I too have multiple breaks & fractures. I have one really bad on on vertebrae C7 that is allowing a bulge of tumour into my spinal canal & this causes extreme weakness & pain in my left leg. If it grows enough to touch the spinal cord I will be paralysed. I am on second type of chemo now having had Adriamycin & now on 5th of 6 Taxotere. Tumours are shrinking so there is hope. As I am 55 the fractures will take a long time if ever to heal the oncologist tells me. I have had radiation too to help. The best thing to help so far is monthly infusions of Aredia - a biophosphate - that is used to cure excess calcium excreted by tumours & to ease the bone pain. It really works so ask your oncologist about that. I think I am one of the experts here on bone metastases so ask away anything you want. Good luck. It is survivable. Let's kick some cancer butt out there.

Love & hugs

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I was diagnosed with BC in Dec 2000... had a lumpectomy with node removal, followed by radiation treatments... was given great prognosis... imagine my shock, now I have metastic bone cancer in my right shoulder blade, right pelvis and breastbone... I had been in pain six months before they came up with diagnosis... now oncologist is trying to eleviate the extreme pain I'm having... I had an Aredia infusion treatment a few days ago... when can I expect to see results from the treatments?? I got through the first bout pretty well and am trying to stay positive... any info would be appreciated...

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hello, i was diagnosed in 98 ..breast cancer..it has returned to my hip and lyphnodes.. there are lots of info and stories i can share.. email me... deb-jb@groundhog.net

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