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Lung cancer is now in my Liver

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Have had to months of new chemo. Mayo Clinic study Topecaton and Taxil together. Had cat scan today told probably still there just to hope it has not grown more. Very unlikely it has shrunk or disappeared. Will see Doc next week for results. What do I do keep going or do I quit? Do I ask for another opinion in a larger hospital? I want quality more than quanity. Anyone have any suggestions on this. I assume it is in my blood stream and can show up anywhere. I really do need a miracle now. I am also resigned to Gods will if he takes me soon.

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well this is my third try at fighting this thing. I have done 2 chemos at once plus radiation, they then started topotecan, then all of a sudden it was what they called cured...ha, well it is back in my lung and they think they found something in the colon. The reason I am sharing this withh you is so that you know that I can feel what you are going through and what I want to do is to maybe share with you how I handle it, I give it away, to my spirit in the sky what ever you call your highter power, if it is left up to me to worry about it, it is obvious that it is in better hands with God, than in mine, when the worries of tomarrows treatments come to play in your mind, just stop the thoughts and give it back to God. Be quitte sure that tomarrow is not even here and not even real. You are not done, you are just feeling bad.
Yes get a second opinion, I fell comfortable in a center where there are the entire gamma, onacologist, radialologist and so fort. I have read so many stories of people going through what we have and more and still servive years and years. I have a friend they said was terminal sclc, the docs said she had one year to live, in her skull, her pelvic, and her leg and lungs,it is 2 years later and she is in remission. So get up, play music, paint what ever puts the smile back. I will be thinking of you.

jo anne
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I will pray for you..count on that! In may, 1999 I was diagnosed with lung cancer but have been in remission. None the less, I am aware it can come back. My question to you is: Did you have any symnptoms that it was in your liver? Was it found in your routine tests? This cancer thing is just so scary. It can be like a thief in the night. May God be with you . Jo Anne ( I do have a web page)

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Don't give up! Read the Lord's Prayer. God's will should be done on earth as it is heaven. Everyone is healthy is heaven. Satan may take us out early but God wants to bless us with long life as the Bible states. I will pray for you. God Bless You with health and His peace.

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